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WAWIBF: Girl Power

According to David, the vodka gave Liza "remarkable strength and force." Unfortunately for David, she decided to turn this strength against him.

12 November 2003

As anyone who has ever sat through an entire performance of a Punch and Judy show will testify, there is nothing remotely amusing about domestic violence.

However, when last month David Gest sued Liza Minnelli for ten million dollars, citing the booze-fuelled fist-filled temper tantrums that had caused him
neurological damage and headaches, there were few who didn't let slip at least a couple of loud braying belly laughs.

But why? Surely we realise that violence is despicable, no matter who the victim is? Well, yeah, you’d think so. But then imagine if Jim Davidson was beaten by his wife. To death, let’s say. Would you shed a tear? Or would you think, good. Ignorant fucker deserved it. And then there are many more, peddlers of primitive garbage in all walks of life to whom, if they were beaten, savagely, mercilessly, by their spouses, or indeed by anyone else, it would be near impossible to extend any kind of sympathy.

But we digress. Deliberately perhaps, in an effort to justify the horror of harbouring unkind feelings for another human being.

Not David Gest of course - we did say human being - but the latest celebrity battered husband. Step forward, Christian Slater, who for the next month will be picking at the twenty stitches currently holding his scalp together. The hole in the
head was a gift from his wife of three years, who in the early hours of Monday morning, attacked him with a bottle in their LA hotel room.

And of course it wouldn’t be funny if this wasn't Christian Slater - the same man who has spent many time in jail for - amongst many other things too tawdry to mention - beating his girlfriend. He was even forced to attend a year-long programme on domestic violence prevention. So it’s difficult not to feel, you know, fuck him. The worm has turned. But no. It would be wrong of us, morally wrong, to suggest that simply because he has a past filled with vile and unspeakable acts, Christian Slater had his beating coming to him.

But of course he did.

The Light Side of Domestic Violence:


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