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Jessica Lynch vs. Larry Flynt

Has public nuisance #1, Larry Flynt, done the unthinkable and gone soft?

14 November 2003

Of the many horrible things that people say about Larry Flynt, the worst by far is that he paved for the way for the likes of Loaded and FHM. Which, yes, is fairly horrible. But even if you despise him personally, as many people seem to, you can't help but admire some of the balls-out jaw-dropping stunts he’s pulled in his time. Little things like attending a trial wearing a nappy made from an American flag or throwing oranges at the judge. And big things like the occasion he spat the following at the Supreme Court: ‘Fuck this court! You deprive me of the counsel of my choice! Goddamn motherfuckers! You're nothing but nine assholes and a cunt!’ Such irreverence. Such courage. Such charm. Flynt even went to prison for fifteen months whilst fighting for his First Amendment rights. The man has *enormous* balls.

As well as his various freedom of speech campaigns, which one would be forgiven for considering self-serving, Flynt also loves to spend his millions exposing hypocrisy, as he perceives it. For example, when Clinton was about to be impeached, Flynt offered a million dollars to anyone who could prove they had ‘had an adulterous sexual encounter with a current member of the United States Congress or a high-ranking government official’. Three more political careers were consequently dragged through the mud. Then there was the time he sued Donald Rumsfeld for the right for journalists to cover the war in Afghanistan. Then there was the time he offered Jenna Bush ten million dollars to masturbate in front of Hustler photographers. What chutzpah!

Anyway, this week there were three new Flynt stories. The first was just hype for a new Hustler club opening in Baltimore, and the second was just another law-suit - a pair of former Playboy porn-sisters don't want him to publish pictures of them fucking each other. Nothing to write home about. But the third story was a peach. On Monday, Flynt declared that he had purchased nudey pics of Private Jessica Lynch. They were sold to him by Lynch’s fellow soldiers, whose intention was apparently to show the world that Lynch is ‘not all apple pie’. Loyal to the last. Lynch announced that he would publish the photos in next February’s Hustler, causing Paul Bogaards, spokesman for the publishers of ‘I Am A Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story’ to sneer, ‘Leave it to Larry Flynt to do something like this.’ A case of the pornographer calling the pornographer a pornographer if ever there was one.

But then Flynt had a change of heart and decided on Tuesday not to go public. ‘Jessica Lynch is not a hypocrite,’ he told the press. ‘She is a victim of the media and the Government, co-conspirators desperate to justify the war in Iraq.’ So that’s that. And it's a pretty fair judgement for old Larry to have made - after all, it's not like Jessica masterminded the whole mad Wag The Dog exercise. She just got her thigh broken in a lorry crash and told to have selective amnesia or the CIA would kill her family. The last thing she needs is her boobies paraded about the place.

Say what you like about Larry Flynt, but you can't deny that California would have been a damn site better off under a plain- speaking smut-peddler like him than the well-groomed comedy voice-box that they settled for. Oh well.

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