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More Fear Coming Soon!

Paedophiles, with their rolling eyes and flicking tongues, have shuffled along in their stained trousers to the front of the nation's fear list.

12 January 2004

The story today (as it has been variously reported):

Web phones fuel child porn fears

Web Link To Pervert Explosion

Mobile phone child porn fears as crimes rocket

For a while, back in the seventies, it was rabies. A few centuries ago it was witches. And now it's paedophiles who are the dark and beastly bearers of the non-specific but ever-present threat against the fabric of our society.

Just look at the phrasing of this report, in manchesteronline.co.uk, under the tasteful headline 'Child porn avalanche':

CHILD pornography crimes have rocketed 1,500 per cent since 1988 - and an avalanche of more porn could be unleashed by new internet mobile phones, a report warned today.

The massive rise is mainly due to the increase in internet use, according to the report from children's charity NCH.

And now the launch of mobile phones which can access the internet will make the sickening trade even more widespread and difficult to combat, experts fear.

Experts fear.

Precisely what they fear (apart from the general sickening avalanche of degradation about to be unleashed) is a bit hard to say. There's a sense in which the paedophiles are waiting, rubbing their hands together gleefully, as new tools for their depravity are showered upon them...

[the experts] are worried the new phones will be used by paedophiles to access child sex sites, take pictures of sex with children and trade in images of abuse.

And of course, given how notoriously cunning paedophiles are, they'll make sure their phones are kept fully charged, so they won't run out of juice when taking sickening snapshots round the back of the bouncy castle.

Which isn't to say that there aren't paedophiles out there abusing children, but it is very far from healthy to encourage the idea that they are lurking in every shadow and swimming pool changing room with their filthy camera phones poised:

The last launch of a range of new phones, "picture phones" with inbuilt cameras, led to them being banned in some swimming baths for fear paedophiles would use them to secretly photograph children.

Fear Fear Fear.

This is not responsible journalism. It is exactly the same fear-feeding crap that gets flung around about mobile phone masts. Cancer cancer cancer! Put a paedophile with a camera phone up a mobile phone mast and you'd have created the most terrifying monster in Britain.

Although if you stand on a ladder you'll be able to pitchfork him down.

Are you afraid? Join a mob!

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