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SS Club Seven

28 October 2005

'My letter to ABC:

My name is Claire S---- and I am 15 years old. For years, I have been celebrating diversity and being open to multiculturalism, but recently I became aware of the White Nationalist movement through my oldest brother. At first, I rejected it, thinking it was horrible, racist, and evil. But now that I've stopped buying into what the media and Political Correctness tells me, I feel so dirty knowing that I once was totally against it. White Nationalists simply love their race and want to preserve it... Why can't Whites be proud of being White, like Blacks are proud of being Black and Latinos are proud of being Latinos? It's not fair... We are a rapidly declining race, and we're just supposed to sit back and let it happen?'

- www.babycakeclaire.blogspot.com, protesting the ABC programme on Prussian Blue


L7 throwing tampons at their audience; Jarvis Cocker crooning about drugs; Rik Waller. You can always rely on music to stir controversy. But take a couple of eerily genetically-apposite blonde pre-teens, liberally basted with full-on neo-fascism and singing sweetly about men who ran concentration camps, and suddenly the entire punk movement seems a bit pansy. The American channel ABC this week screened a documentary about the thirteen-year-old Gaede twins, who are just like the Olsens, except they're Nazis. Well, it's a unique selling point.

Lamb and Lynx - seemingly named after some defunct range of My Little Goth-Ponies - make music under the name Prussian Blue, including such songs as 'Sacrifice', a tribute to that oft-misunderstood good old boy Rudolph Hess. Raised as white nationalists, the girls are eagerly parroting what they've absorbed from mom. 'We're proud of being white, we want to keep being white,' asserts Lynx, bafflingly. 'We want our people to stay white... we don't want to just be, you know, a big muddle. We just want to preserve our race.' Their mother, April, doesn't really seem much different from any other mother who raises her brood on barmy, damaging doctrine; she is also a fairly typical pushy stage-parent. These aren't especially unusual people. But they represent, for the moment, the public face of a strain of nastiness that just won't quit.

A relatively cursory glance at the internet shows you the virulence of the subculture that Prussian Blue's fans inhabit. These people are paranoid, and pissy, and proud, and spend their lives looking for reasons to get upset. The severe bias of the ABC show (as contrasted with Louis Theroux's straight-up look at the Gaedes some years ago) provoked an ecstasy of ire amongst white nationalists who blog and frequent forums like Storm Front. One blogger complained at the invasion of one forum by outraged liberals after the programme:

'I have found this to be typical behavior of race-mixers, and multiculturalists. They tend to be fags, sexual deviants, anarchists, criminals, etc. They want us to tolerate this kind of behavior. Well, tolerance = poison. For instance, if you have a high tolerance to alcohol, that is to say you can drink a lot without getting drunk, it in all likelihood means you are an alcoholic, and it may very well end up killing you. By the same token, if you tolerate other races to live in your society, it will eventually kill your race just like in the alcohol example.'

Any gluttons for this sort of amusing reasoning can, unsurprisingly, gorge themselves online. What's to say? The density of the internet-based rants trumpets the profound, psychotic insecurity on which the whole movement is founded, but that doesn't mean it gets discounted. People are impressionable, and they get converted. Teenagers usually get over whatever they passionately throw themselves into, but not always. The Gaedes do look like a bit of a dainty foot in the door, the pretty face of racist recruitment - but really, they don't represent a threat. If anything, any exposure they have in the mainstream media will bring fresh waves of condemnation upon the seething masses who'd like to get lynching registered as a field sport. They are in fact drawing attention to something that is otherwise free to bubble under society's surface. So we should probably be grateful to the poor little puppets, who doubtless don't realise that in America especially, there's not really any such thing as a 'pure' 'white' person. And of course for every feeble hate-rant, there's a calm and eloquent retort, explaining as one blogger gently did to 'babycakeclaire':

'It's possible to be perfectly thrilled and proud about who (personally, ethnically, religiously) you are without hating everyone else who isn't just like you.'

Still, this sort of chilling marriage of light entertainment and dark nasty secret is hard to dismiss, and you do want to wring your hands a bit even as you accept that they're little more than a grotty novelty. It's easy to assume that the Gaedes would be given short shrift by progressive young Brits, for example, but having assumed that, you worry that the young everywhere are pretty malleable, and even the most supposedly laid-back and inclusive crowds can display breathtaking intolerance. But still, clearly there is no mileage in censoring Prussian Blue. Any sort of ban, while their fans can still see Snoop and Fiddy and all preaching pimpdom to young impressionables, would only serve to bolster their belief that white people are being somehow discriminated against. Any dissent will make white nationalists dig in and nurture their wounded, synthetic, brattish sense of oppression. Thankfully, the chances are that the girls would indeed find a stony reception in the UK, if only because their screamingly, sickeningly cutesy image is likely to deter sulky cool-attuned tweenagers more than the image of a heap of gassed Jews ever would. Plus, the tabloids would probably be more squeamish about the girls' ages than their beliefs. Still, whatever gets the job done.

What to do then? Nothing much, but if anything, point and laugh. Poke fun. Nothing infuriates the deadly serious more than a ripple of wicked snickering. They're more than ready to charge any flimsy bastion of sober reasoning with their own strident the-moon-is-cheese non-logic, so why play their game? The movement that Prussian Blue are lending a sneaky hint of normality to is horrifying, but they're banking on you being cowed and wrong-footed by that horror. Sustained tittering is kryptonite to struggling ideologies.

But if you don't care much either way, you can always wait and see if Simon Cowell sees that there's money in it, overcomes a brief pang, figures that at least he'll get some sales in Iran, and launches No Yids On The Block.


Join the mini-fascist fun.

Watch the video.


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