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American Internet Idiots: Fuck Off Saddam

3 December 2005

With the current situation in Iraq actually looking worse than it was under Saddam Hussein, it's hard for most of us to see how Bush can keep justifying the occupation. However, we may be neglecting a crucial factor: American internet idiots. Take the individual who goes by the moniker 'Fuck Off!!!! saddam'.


We can only hope that 'Fuck Off!!!! saddam' is not his real name. It could lead to some unfortunate situations...

'Do you, Fuck Off!!!! saddam, take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?'
'Nice to meet you. I'm Mr Off!!!! saddam, but please call me Fuck.'
'It is with deep regret that we gather here to mourn the passing of Fuck Off!!!! saddam, beloved husband, father and internet idiot....'
A sizeable part of cyberspace is devoted to the ramblings of idiots like 'Fuck Off!!!! saddam'. It's the sort of thing that gives a bad name to both Americans and the internet: it's stupid, obscene, mindlessly 'patriotic' and, above all, childish.

But browse the internet for a while and you start to come to the conclusion that a significant proportion of Americans are idiots. Just visit any of the frightening number of websites and message boards plastered with comments like this:

'I say fuck saddam and those fucking flower sniffing protesters that obviously hate our country. We should ship all their asses out to Iraq.'

Amidst the lame abuse, there's a point of view that is all too common out there in the American sector of cyberspace: the war is a question of whether you are 'for' or 'against' America. And it's not just the dumb-ass 'Fuck the ragheads!!!' brigade who are taking this view. On BBC Talking Points, Mark, USA, declares:

'War was declared on the US on 9/11/01. The Iraq campaign is merely a logical step in the prosecution of that war, irregardless of WMDs or oil. The campaign will end when its objectives have been achieved.'

Despite the complete lack of any connection between 9/11 and Iraq, it's actually quite hard to argue with this sort of comment because it's based more on faith than reason. The article of faith is that there *is* a war against the US and that innumerable baddies around the (Arab) world are part of it. In this world view, you either support America and anything it does, or you can go fuck yourself.

A more subtle (but not much) version of the argument can be found in apocryphal email tales like this.

As the Snopes article points out, it's not clear whether this incident (or anything like it) actually happened. But the popularity of such tales demonstrates a simplistic view of the world that is, frankly, terrifying. These people must have been baffled by the moral complexities of Star Wars.

Here's another (WARNING: a strong stomach is required).

This email is only 'true' in the sense that an identifiable author claims it to be true - and that author seems distinctly unwilling to prove that it's anything more than a mawkish polemical fantasy masquerading as a real incident. What's disturbing is that these folk tales owe their popularity to a desire to believe in them - and agree with them.

We're not for a second suggesting that the above internet nonsense represents *all* or most Americans, but it is terrifying to think that the millions of idiots it does represent actually have a say in who runs the country, and indeed the world.

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