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Taking a Chill Pill

21 January 2006

'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' is a very funny and adorable and touching film about medically erasing painful memories of Jim Carrey. Would that we all had access to such a miraculous panacea. But of course, just like human cloning, time travel and Page 3 slideshow corneal implants, this is another ridiculous-sounding thing that is bound to come to pass in our lifetime. This week it was reported that scientists are working on a 'trauma pill' to lessen the impact of intense and terrible memories. A fine and altruistic goal, but spare a thought for the rabbits they're testing it on who have been forced to read that 'Bunny Suicides' book until they experience the requisite total breakdown.

The need for some sort of tincture to alleviate the horrors of post-traumatic stress disorder is pretty pressing; since it became recognised as a genuine psychiatric ailment and the large number of sufferers became known, science has been floundering somewhat in the face of a giant morass of crippling misery. Propranolol, a type of beta blocker, may be the key to halting PTSD before it can bed into the brain after a traumatic event, and tests are yielding positive results. It's hoped that it will be of some help to war veterans, although they can't be given the drug when still in the field as it blunts the fight-and-flight survival responses. It seems a bit much to hope that the young men whose minds are even now being mangled by the unending gruesomeness of Iraq will receive a dose when they've still got to buy their body armour from eBay, but at least some sort of solution is available.

A cure for PTSD is a genuinely awesome concept that would truly benefit mankind. The only downside is likely to be that US doctors will stop prescribing ADD medication for all and sundry, and start dishing out PTSD pills willy-nilly instead. However, that might even out; Americans will gradually stop suing TV networks for the emotional distress caused by glimpsing Janet Jackson's nipple, and get their fucking priorities in order. Which can only be good for the world at large. But when they've dealt with the big problems that blight our lives, we'll be impatiently queueing for the pills that will eradicate the little niggling annoyances that plague us like nits on Phil Spector.


1) A pill that automatically blocks the sound of Pete Doherty. Or Bono.

2) A capsule that gives you back the five hours you spent reading 'The Da Vinci Code'.

3) A soluble tablet that reacts with alcohol, making it impossible for you to phone your ex when drunk and sob loudly down the phone.

4) A pill that puts up shelves.

5) A really big suppository to keep Tom Cruise quiet for five minutes. The big bender.

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