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WAWIBF... Brotherly Love

22 July 2006

If sitcom star and animated cadaver Lesley Joseph is mutton dressed as rather garish, tarty mutton, and the BNP are a bunch of nasty turds dressed as turds which are ostensibly respectable but basically nasty turds fooling no one, then what the hell are the Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity Party? Well, essentially they're a rather foolhardy bunch of nonces who are practically begging to be sliced up by an enormously peeved mob.

In Dutch they are the PNVD - even the abbreviation sounds morally bankrupt - and this week they were granted the right to exist by Dutch judge and radio station waiting to happen, HFM Hofhuis. As he rightly pointed out, 'Freedom of expression... including the freedom to set up a political party can be seen as the basis for a democratic society.' Which includes three pervs standing on a paedo platform. End of.

Thing is, some of their policies are not half bad. They are campaigning for the legalisation of all drugs, just like Jonathan Ross. (Not that we're suggesting any further common ground between the PNVD and the popular chat show host, although 'Three Peados and a Baby Grand' has legs for sure). And if that's not enough for you, they're also pushing for free rail travel for all. Free trains! For all! What's not to vote for? They sound great! Apart from, you know, the child-fucking. Actually, no, that's unfair. It is very important to remember that the three men who make up the PNVD have not, as far as is known, committed any actual child-crime. They are not child sex abusers after all. They are merely paedophiles, non-expressers or, if you like, 'good paedophiles'. Although they do themselves no favours when, as well as the free trains, they're also in favour of lowering the age of consent from 16 to 12 and legalising both child pornography and sex with animals. Oy. If nothing else, their party political broadcasts will be a hoot.

What's particularly interesting about this story is how it demonstrates that nothing will test a person's libertarian principles more than a politically active paedophile. It's really difficult, morally, to sanction a man's right to campaign on the child porn ticket. Extremely difficult. But of course, of course the PNVD should not be banned. Just as Lesley Joseph and the BNP must be given the opportunity to express their vileness, so must the PNVD. It's not as if they're going to get voted in after all. This is Holland. Not Belgium. Besides which, presumably, once they're out in the open, the Dutch paedo-squad will be all over them like nappy rash. In reality, allowing them to attempt to legitimise themselves is actually the ideal way of monitoring their activities, then, when the monitoring gets dull, tipping off the nearest angry mob and taking the night off.

Poor paedos. They don't stand a chance.

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