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What Banksy Did Next

24 September 2006

Prankster and guerrilla graffiti artist, Banksy, got himself into trouble this week when his painted live elephant - the star of his 'elephant in the living room' art installation in Los Angeles - was ordered to be hosed down by the Los Angeles department of animal services.

The thing is, right, the 'elephant in the living room' is a metaphor, yeah? It's a figure of speech for a subject that nobody wants to talk about. The deconstruction of that metaphor says what exactly? Other than that you've got the balls and resources to paint an elephant red?

In a TFT exclusive, we can reveal what Banksy has planned for his next exhibition...

- Demonstrating the cavalier attitude to human life displayed in the liberation of Iraq, Banksy paints the faces of Iraqi civilians on a load of eggs and then makes an omelette with them.

- To highlight the scandal of terrorist suspects being held without trial, Banksy holds a robin while two others, dressed in tiny orange jumpsuits, call out from inside an effigy of the US president.

- Banksy forces the Leader of the House of Commons and his family to climb, one by one, aboard a dromedary with 'DEMOCRACY' painted on its side. The last one to manage it before the unfortunate animal's spine gives out is declared the winner.

- Banksy gets Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein, Anthony Worrall Thompson, Gary Rhodes, Ainsley Harriot, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Ken Hom, Nigel Slater and Delia Smith to make soup in a pan with 'THE WAR AGAINST TERROR' painted on it. Banksy tastes it and declares it to be crap.

- Banksy researches his family tree to see if his mother's brother really is called Robert.

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