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Mel Gibson: man of God

Is Gibson's sacred quest to make a Jesus-flick an abomination which is drawing the wrath of the almighty down up all who dare to be involved in the production? Looks like it.

24 October 2003

According to the proverb, lightning never strikes the same place twice. Obviously, thatís wrong. It does. But only if God is really fucking furious. And although the conservative Catholic leaders to whom Mel Gibson chose to preview his film seemed happy, God clearly isn't.

This week Jim Caviezel, the actor playing Christ in the film which now has the much snappier title, The Passion of Christ, was struck by lightning for a second time. Steve McEveety, self-confessed Catholic and producer of the film, said, "I'm about a hundred feet away from them when I glance over and see lightning coming out of Caviezel's ears." And as if that weren't enough - coming out of his *ears*, for Christ's sake - he also had his fingertips burned by a separate bolt earlier in filming.

Gibson is a religious man. By all accounts a hard-line Catholic traditionalist who likes his mass in Latin and his women veiled. He believes in the words of the Holy Book. Surely therefore he also believes that the Almighty is capable of performing miracles and, when He deems it necessary, of intervening, divinely? Ergo, why the fuck didn't Gibson shit himself immediately and set about burning every last frame of that highbrow piece of unmitigated devilry? Because really, Signs don't Come Much Clearer. We're even tempted to start believing in something ourselves. (If thereís a third strike, weíre out. Thatís it. Out of that born-again closet to eat our odious words.) The only reason then, that Mel Gibson isn't on his knees begging Godís forgiveness, is that Mel Gibson is in fact Satan. Albeit a monstrously dull Satan, with capped teeth and casual slacks.

Some Jewish leaders, such as those at the Anti-Defamation League, are clearly inclined to agree, damning Gibsonís bibliopic as anti-Semitic and claiming that the director portrays the Jews as "blood-thirsty, sadistic and money-hungry enemies of Jesus." Which doesnít sound very nice, but the Bible is as the Bible does, and letís not forget, they did kill Him, those Christ-killing sons-of-bitches.

Or did they?:



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