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WAWIBF: David Lynch

What? A David Lynch story with no reference to dwarves?
You betcha!

31 October 2003

If you had three wishes, what would they be? Seriously. If *you* personally had three separate opportunities to use the crazy magic of some fairy godmother or deranged cult leader to change the fabric of the universe and make three separate different things occur, what things would you choose? Why, of course. Without a second thought, you'd choose world peace, world peace and world peace again, just to make damn fucking sure. Course you would. Anything less and you're a selfish sonofabitch.

Unfortunately, the chances of you ever being granted three wishes, or two, or one, or even half a wish are, letís face it, not only negligible, they are zero. Because life just simply isn't like that. As you know only too well. From years of bitter, tear-drenched experience.

But there is hope. And, weirdly, hope's name is David Lynch. Once described by smug Roger Ebert as "the least likely of Hollywood's power players to bring about world peace", it seems Lynch is about to make Ebert eat his own faeces. How? Like this:


As he revealed to the Observer this week, Lynch wants to open 3000 'peace palaces', one in every major city across the globe. Here people will practise transcendental meditation and yogic flying. Lynch himself has been practising TM since 1973 and is convinced that this way lies inner peace. Then outer peace. Then world peace. He is convinced. All he needs is a billion dollars. This week, with his usual softly-whining spatially-dislocated panache, he informed a mostly uninterested media of his goals and kicked off his fundraising campaign.

Cynics may point out that the chances of getting any of the people who matter into one of these arenas of yogic flying - the people who are consistently, deliberately steering us further from world peace with each passing month - are negligible. As in zero. But fuck the cynics. It seems like a long shot, but if anyone can bring about world peace, then surely to God, the man who managed to get Eraserhead made, distributed and accepted as a classic can.

Now get those legs crossed and leap like a loon.

More Lynch: www.davidlynch.com
More Peace: www.peaceday.org/nov17.shtml
More Yogi: www.maharishi.org

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