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Kommandant Hitchens and his armchair stormtroopers

"Repatriation of some description is essential..."

11 July 2003

When you put your ideas into the public realm, there's always a risk they'll be misinterpreted. Marx invented Marxism, and the poor old Russians ended up with Stalin. Jesus preached love and forgiveness, and the Arabs got the sacking of Jerusalem. Peter Hitchens churns out reactionary newspaper columns and he ends up with his own battalion of armchair SS stormtroopers.

Hitchens (aka 'The Hitch') is a journalist who reinvented himself as a columnist and general 'thinker'. His not-very-unique selling point is that he’s 'iconoclastic', which in modern times really means 'right wing', in the same way that 'gay' doesn't mean cheerful, vivacious etc.

For someone who’s considered an intellectual, Hitchen’s arguments are pretty lazy. This week he wrote about taking tissue from embryos, in a piece entitled 'Now can we admit abortion is wrong?' Hitch’s take was: "If [the embryo] is just a blob, how come it can contain eggs which could be used to create a human being?"

Dunno, Peter. Why don't you ask a biologist? This is a specious argument; if someone remembered being in the womb, THAT would be a strong argument against abortion, but this certainly isn't.

Another piece argues: "cannabis use is a ticket to mental illness and a likely cause of schizophrenia." If Hitchens had spent 15 seconds on the internet he'd have found that the consensus among psychiatrists is that cannabis can trigger schizophrenia in people who were likely to develop it anyway. For all the negative effects of cannabis, it’s still wrong to suggest it causes mental illness in the average toker. (Although finding Cheech and Chong amusing can probably be considered some form of mental illness).

If the Hitch had logged on to the net, he might also have found The Peter Hitchens Discussion Forum:


And what a bunch of armchair Nazis they are. Some comments:

Afro caribbeans were bred for brawns (sic) and nothing else, they're bigger than most, it's not surprising crime would be their best career option.

(Quick query - why can't racists spell or use anything that resembles normal grammar? Oh, we’ve just worked it out...)

Nearly all [black people] I would have put in the first two categories [poster’s list of degenerate elements of society] but because of their reputation for extreme stupidity and criminality I have given them their own category.

Repatriation of some description is essential if we are to remove their [black people’s, Asians’ etc.] ghettos from our landscape.

The attraction of Black men to White women is almost entirely a product of left-wing propaganda.

And so it goes on. In fairness to the site, not all its contributors are embittered weirdoes who live in fear of muscular Moors enticing their womenfolk into lives of crime and hot jungle sex. But a good proportion of them are exactly the sort of closet racists who’d join the BNP if they were only a bit taller and harder.

Unsurprisingly, the Hitchens Discussion Forum also attracts the sort of American netwanker who believes that 'kicking ass' is a foreign policy. One writes:

The reason we arm dictators while bringing down others is because it is in our national interest. It's called realpolitik. Personally I don't see why economic resources, money and lives should be lost in some idealistic crusade against countries which may actually be more suited to dictatorship than democracy.

Well, that’s the last word on that subject.

Bizarrely, these people regard Peter Hitchens as some sort of cheerleader for their odd views. They’ve even floated the idea of organising a Countryside Alliance-style march through London to articulate the views of the silent, extremely small, minority.

We've got a feeling the Hitch won't be attending.

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