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It's Political Incorrectness gone mad

Forget the '80s revival, says the Daily Mail. Bring back the '50s!

20 January 2004

We've noted before how the listeners to Jeremy Vine's Radio 2 show resemble the Japanese soldiers captured in the 1970s, still fighting wars the rest of the world can barely remember. But with the Daily Mail, it's the staff who make Fred Bassett look with-it.

It reads as if the paper is written in a bunker somewhere, with the journalists only given other copies of the Mail to read as news sources, and only Vera Lynn, Sir Teddy Taylor and Enoch Powell in the Rolodex.

Grab a copy: today's; last month's; last year's. If you look to your left, you can see Keith Waterhouse taking a pop at "Sharon and Tracy"... we're just passing the expression "it's political correctness gone mad"... and if you look very carefully, all our food is poisoned, and all women are going to die. It's a wonder they've remembered to change the price from a shilling.

Now take this piece of fake outrage:


What on earth is going on here? Since when did anyone think that the Guardian is staffed by Trotskyists? Who are they talking about here? If you say "Tim Dowling" to an Daily Mail journalist, do they imagine a man with a beard and hammer-and-sickle t-shirt dreaming of a workers' coup?

And, for that, since when was the government "Left-wing"? Hasn't the Mail noticed that Tony's more passionate about lowering those taxes, filling up those prisons, squashing that free education and sending back those wogs than they could have dreamed of in the early '90s?

Compared to the centre-right Blair, the tame old Guardian is pretty radical, yes, but come on. Does the writer really believe that Blair and the Guardian are in some sort of Socialist pact, possibly striking deals and scratching backs at fundraisers for Ban The Bomb? In the interest of clarity:

  • The Guardian gets loads of public sector job ads because it's the only paper to devote a massive weekly section to articles about the public sector.
  • In fact, if the public sector placed recruitment ads in, say, the Mail, there might be a genuine call for outrage, since social workers and drug counsellors tend not be hateful paranoid lunatics, and therefore don't fit the Mail's readership profile.
  • What links between the Guardian and Labour? The staunchest supporter of Blair is the racist, bellicose, homophobic newspaper The Sun. That's why Blair arranged for Bush's only interview during his state visit to be one with the Currant Bun. Sure, The Sun threatens to withdraw its support to keep Blair on his toes, and certainly, they carry out harassment of Blair's colleagues that borders on being a public nuisance -- but they're still the government's favourite.

It's worth pointing out that this article is attributed to "Jane Merrick, Political Reporter". So: either Jane hasn't been following any of the important changes in Britain's politics over the last decade, and should be fired and sent back to school forthwith, or she's part of a general Mail policy to keep its readers uninformed, frightened and angry.

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