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Skin Deep

25 November 2005

This week a deeply unscientific poll identified the females of Powys and Slough as the ugliest and prettiest in the UK, respectively. The data from which these tabloid facts were spun came from a new 'dating and networking' site dedicated to beautiful people. BeautifulPeople.net describes itself as 'an elite online members' club, which introduces beautiful people to truly beautiful people. It is a meeting place which is reserved for people, who because of their attractive appearance and personal qualities, stand out from the majority.' Apparently
SuperficialSmugCunt.net was already taken.

Or is merely plain-faced jealousy that makes us react in such a way? And is it that same plain-faced jealousy that has us trawling the profiles of these self-proclaimed lovelies and hoping that they're all as thick and charmless as a bagful of Britneys? Sadly, on the whole, they seem to be no more or less interesting or intelligent than their less attractive counterparts on any other dating site. Although the woman who wrote: 'I am un exotic person who doesn't like to go back from nothing' and the man who wrote: 'i'm hot and godeness like girls blonde, brunete and black i'm single want to travel with some girl' should most probably be kept apart.

Maybe on the other hand, what leaves such a bitter taste in the mouth is the fact that really, it's a form of prejudice. Worse still, it's a form of prejudice that actually affects most of us, if we're ordinary modest people with ordinary self-image issues and big ugly faces. Would it make any difference if the site were entitled Beautiful White People? Probably most of the people on there would feel a lot less comfortable - particularly the blacks - but ultimately, there is no law against personal preference. Race-specific dating already exists, as does faith-specific, size-specific and even height-specific dating, so it would seem ludicrous to dismiss BeautifulPeople.net just for discriminating against something as commonly desired as good looks.

But ultimately, it's probably got more to do with the fact that beautiful people who know they're beautiful and furthermore aren't ashamed of letting you know that they know they're beautiful, really just make everybody sick. Their lack of modesty is repugnant. Especially if you want to fuck them and they won't let you. The same goes for intelligence however. Just as anyone who's very intelligent is really duty-bound to look away embarrassedly and say 'oh hush' when their intelligence is pointed out, so beautiful people - if they're not to be resented - must have some sense of humility about them.

So, bollocks to them. Beautiful bastards. They should all go off to a paradise island together and get down to the crucially important business of physically adoring each other. Just so long as the rest of us can watch.

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