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Just The Gist #53: One Hit Wonders

Just The Gist is ACME's patented Google-unfriendly music quiz. You are given an outline of the content of a pop hit, and you give artist and title. Get the highest score, and win a prize!

12 January 2004

Here's a puzzle: why is it that the one-hit wonder lends itself so well to Just The Gist? Partly, it seems to be to do with the stories: stories make better JTG questions, but if you tell a story, you may be regarded as a novelty and not allowed back in the charts.

Each of the artists below hit Number One, but never saw the bright lights of the Top Twenty again. Tell us the artist and title of each!

  1. [1990] A journalist is kidnapped and rescued by pizza-eating cryptozoological vigilantes. Keyphrase: nuclear goop.
  2. [1969] Absent-mindedly declaring love, a man dirty-talks to his girlfriend, telling her that he is presently between her kidneys. Keyphrase: irrésolue.
  3. [1971] An elderly gentleman recalls being frightened by a car and laughing at silent film stars. His young relatives praise him as he rambles on. Keyphrase: Annie Gretzel.
  4. [1981] An Italian man reminisces about being constantly berated by his mother and told to keep quiet. Keyphrase: Television Land.
  5. [1977] A series of prospective suitors introduce themselves by giving their star sign and explaining what they're looking for in a woman. Offered: a trip to Love Land.
  6. [1978] A painter depicts Salford, and initially meets with indifference. Eventually, he is feted in London. Orientation of singers: communist.
  7. [1978] Two attractive young women describe the reactions they get when they wear halter-backed khaki clothes. Placename: Constant Spring.
  8. [1991] Two unattractive middle-aged men describe a new dance craze. The moves involve torturing felines and making effigies of religious monuments. Irreverent reference: Jacques Cousteau.
  9. [1960] A headstrong boy racer leaves a message with his girlfriend's mother that he is entering a stock-car race to try and win $1000. His car catches alight, and he dies; the girlfriend is distraught. His name: Tommy.
  10. [1970] A peripatetic cowboy explains fear of commitment with an astrological metaphor. B-side by: Clint Eastwood.
  11. [1975] A Brixton bus driver flies to the Caribbean on an airline with an unlikely name. He looks forward to meeting his girlfriend there, and to taking drugs. Flight number: 372.
  12. [1969] A vision of the world in 556 years' time. We also get to see 1566, 2576, 3586 years (etc.) into the future. God's head described as: mighty.
  13. [1970] A young man plans to go to a farm, and live the rural life, forming a rock and roll band. He arrives to find 500,000 other drop-outs there, all of them singing. Banished in a dream: fighter jets.
  14. [1982] A woman-to-woman chat. One of the woman is bored with married life. The other explains that she's been on fancy boats and had sex with royalty, and has realised you're never going to find peace with yourself unless you have a husband and a child. Keyword: whoring.
  15. [1998] We are given a recipe. The ingredients are 2 tbps cinnamon, 2-3 egg whites, half a stick of butter, a cup of flour, a quarter cup of unsweetened chocolate, half a cup of brandy and some sugar and vanilla. These are to be baked at 350F - but, oddly, there is no salt in the recipe. Rent is due on: Friday.



Other themed Just The Gists are available (e.g. war, pop punk), as well as normal ones.

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