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Recent Stories In People
WAWIBF... Michael Winner
January 19, 2007
There is considerable doubt over what is actually wrong with Michael Winner, who this week lies critically ill in a private London hospital. At first he was believed to have been suffering from an allergic reaction to antibiotics he'd been given for a holiday fever. Then rumours began to circulate that his disfigured leg was actually a symptom of a mysterious chronic illness...
WAWIBF... Michael J Fox
November 3, 2006
On October 21st an election campaign ad was aired in Missouri. The ad featured ex-actor and celebrity Parkinson's sufferer Michael J Fox appealing to the electorate not to vote for Republican Senator Jim Talent, as Talent opposes and is pushing to criminalise stem cell research, which Fox maintains may afford him and millions of other sufferers from numerous other diseases a cure...
WAWIBF... Cottage and Bolus
October 20, 2006
Usually, when 'a record haul' of bomb-making equipment is discovered in someone's house, it's big news. Usually it's front page stuff, with the word 'FOILED' appearing somewhere in the headline and the overall tone one of pride and self-congratulation. However, just two weeks ago in Lancashire...
WAWIBF... Comical Kim
October 15, 2006
Well, it was only a matter of time, but this week North Korea finally flashed the world its nuclear nads. At the moment they're only good for setting off underground and even then not with any level of easily identifiable success, but nonetheless, they are on the table. And the fact that they are there on the table after the international community had expressly forbidden...
WAWIBF... Spreading the Love
October 15, 2006
Long gone are the days when your average spotlight-junkie would make do with a personal trainer and a pot-bellied pig. This season no mega-legend worth her Jacuzzi polish is complete without a tiny little brown baby dangling from her Kabbalah bracelet...
WAWIBF... Column Inchworms
October 6, 2006
Poor old Peaches Geldof. It can't have been easy so far, her life. All that spotlight, suicide and loss. Plus the burden of the name 'Peaches' of course. Oh, and 'Geldof'. It must be difficult, if not impossible, under the circumstances, to lead anything even approaching a normal life. Particularly now that Peaches has blossomed from pop-celeb offspring to fully-fledged pap-fodder...
WAWIBF... Jay Kay
September 17, 2006
As ex-celebrities go, there are few who can match Jay Kay for genuine loathsomeness. His astonishing arrogance in the face of titanic musical blandness, his proud lad's mag love of all things fast and blonde, and his vile, ferrety little face all combine to really wind up the average Joe on the street. Which is why there was a certain amount of pleasure this week when...
Still Warm: Steve Irwin
September 8, 2006
'Why did it have to be Steve Irwin? Why couldn't it be someone older like Sean Connery?' - Daniel, 11, Sydney Morning Herald. Yes, why couldn't it have been Sean Connery? Then perhaps we might have been saved Australia's Diana Moment as, sadly, the living embodiment of 'Fair Dinkum' Australia bought the farm to worldwide tearing of hair and rending of clothing. Connery's had a magnificent innings, and final words of 'Shweet Jeshush! A Shtingray!' as the killer fish buried itself up his kilt would have been fitting indeed for a man of his stature. Steve Irwin died, according to Australian PM John Howard, 'in quintessentially Australian circumstances'...
Journojism: Bonfire of the Inanities
September 1, 2006
'In less than a month's time, I am going to burn every branded thing in my possession,' reports one Neil Boorman in BBC Online's 'Magazine' section. Superficially, it looks like a bold statement against branding and materialism in general. Who hasn't been slightly depressed by the importance attached to brands...
WAWIBF... Suri Cruise
September 1, 2006
Yesterday Tony Blair launched a new initiative to put an end to the scourge of Britain's 'menace children'. This he will do by tackling the problem early and at source. Not directly at source however - he won't actually do anything to tackle poverty, marginalisation, hopelessness, ennui or widespread inequality and inadequacy in the education system. No. But he will target families which he feels are most likely to produce bad eggs, e.g. teen mums, drug abusers, blacks, immigrants and other downtrodden ne'erdowells...
WAWIBF... Mel Gibson
August 4, 2006
People scoffed when certain special interest film critics slammed Mel Gibson's laughless sado-masochistic romp, 'The Passion of the Christ' for being anti-Semitic. This was just Jews being touchy, they assumed. It was probably just backed-up guilt for murdering the Saviour of Man in the first place. But this week...
WAWIBF... Great Escapes
July 7, 2006
This week Kenneth Lay, the former Enron boss who was awaiting a lengthy prison sentence for six counts of fraud and conspiracy and four counts of bank fraud, decided that frankly, he couldn't face it, and so, like the self-centred rat-coward he was, crept cravenly into the arms of Mother Oblivion...
Tamara Hoover: Texas Boob
June 24, 2006
The English language is so rich and lustrous that it tends to offer a buffet of alternatives to any common noun, each with its own hefty and mercurial backpack of connotation. Take 'breasts'. 'Breasts' is supposedly neutral, but squeamish news tends not to go even that far. Instead you get the also purportedly neutral yet gloriously bemucked 'topless'...
WAWIBF... Richard Ashcroft
June 24, 2006
On Monday evening Richard Ashcroft presented himself at The Bridge Centre youth centre in Chippenham and declared, 'I'm Richard, I'm going to be doing some youth work here. You'll be seeing a lot more of me.' Marvellous. Not since Adam Ant dressed up as a cowboy and threw an alternator through a pub window in Kentish Town has a pop star's eccentricity been so delightfully capricious...
This Is Your Week: Craig Charles
June 24, 2006
Before this week it was difficult to know how exactly to categorise Craig Charles. Poet? Presenter? Comedian? DJ? Musician? Actor? Sexpest? Now, thanks to Tuesday's spectacular stitch-up in the Mirror, it's down to just a choice of two: crackhead or whoresman...
WAWIBF... James Blunt
June 23, 2006
James Blunt was this week taken up to the heavens by a host of heavenly angels - all of whom were former models - wrapped in fine if rather bland silks and proffered a seat at the right hand of God. In fact, he has Jesus' seat now. God told Jesus to take it on the arches when he read in The Sun that Blunt has now taken to healing the sick with his powerful yet odious wounded llama sounds...
WAWIBF... Premature Baldness
May 12, 2006
On one level Oaten's claim that premature baldness was part of what made him pay good money to football-shirted rent boys smacks of the syphilitic ramblings of someone who's had one Alaska Pipeline too many, but when you remember that his whole schtick is humiliation, it begins to make sense. Oaten is never happier than when he's writhing in ignominy...
Hate Rhymes: Jihad Enough? Or Do You Want Some Holy War?
March 6, 2006
On Tuesday the Sun splashed on a terror exclusive which, it has to be said - credit where it's due - was quite a coup. Both chilling and hilarious, it was the story of the 24-year-old son of hate preacherman du jour Abu Hamza - a.k.a Mohammed Kamel Mostafa - and his bid to become the next Eminem. Militant Islam-style...
Henry Rollins: Free Thinker
February 24, 2006
On a flight from Auckland to Australia's Gold Coast, Rollins was reading a book by leading Pakistani author and journalist Ahmed Rashid... Unfortunately, it happens to have the word 'Jihad' in the title. This was enough for the passenger sitting next to Henry Rollins to regard him as a threat to national security and report him to the Australian government. Although frankly, his thick neck probably didn't help matters...
Marsh Gas
February 18, 2006
If there's one thing we've learned from reading Jodie Marsh's blog, it's that there are an awful lot of lies written about her in the press... This is why when we read in the Daily Mirror last weekend that she has been chastised by one of her charities for comments made on her blog, we found it a bit difficult to believe...
Andy McNab: Pants
December 11, 2005
It should come as no surprise that this week the 45 year-old children's author and Sun columnist has revealed that he is about to expand the grand McNab brand once again, and is set to launch a line of ladies' undergarments at next year's London Fashion Week. That's right. After writing pants for over ten years, this trained killer is now set to design them...
Black Eyes & Comedy Breasts: The Very Best of Paul Gascoigne
December 11, 2005
On Wednesday, Paul Gascoigne told the Daily Mirror, 'I'm not like [George Best]. I see counsellors about problems and I've got my alcoholism under control.'... It's tragic really. Another braindead fist-flinging gobshite with the self-awareness of a boiled egg destined to be hailed 'a flawed genius' simply because he was better than most other men at controlling a football. But where did it go wrong for Gazza? Let's take a trip down memory lane with our special Gazza 'Fog on the' Timeline...
George Best: Back in the Box
November 25, 2005
Finally George Best has stopped dithering outside the box. Injury time is over and the tributes are pouring in. Even before he'd gasped his last however, Alex Ferguson said what a likeable and lovely bloke he was. Hmm. We wonder how many football boots Ferguson would have kicked into Bestie's face had they actually done football together...
WAWIBF... The Cruising Kind
October 21, 2005
Britain's greatest tabloid biographer, Andrew Morton, is back. The man who squeezed every last cent from Princess Diana's emaciated carcass, and pissed with alacrity all over the personal lives of Monica Lewinsky, Madonna and the pitiful pairing of Posh & Becks. Now he's turning his attention to Tom Cruise.
The Friday Blog: Girl With a One-track Mind
October 14, 2005
I watched the contortionist wrap his legs behind his ears and rest his chin on top of his crotch. One thought immediately came to mind, and I whispered it to the person next to me. It only occurred to me, a moment later, that the thought I had was of an image of the contortionist sucking his own cock. And that what I had whispered was, "I bet he can auto-fellate." And that the person I had leaned across and said this to, happened to be my mother.
The Friday Blog: Chicken Yoghurt
October 4, 2005
I missed Blair's speech at the Labour Party conference so, steeling myself, I sat down and attempted to read the transcript. Blair's avoidance of verbs is something of a cliché these days; those punchy verbal bullet points. His diction is like that of an IT recruitment consultant with ideas above his adequacy. Really, I'm the last to call anybody on their English, spoken or written, but *Jesus*...
Shut Up and Pay!
August 5, 2005
High street banks have such contempt for their dumb ruminant customers, it's no wonder the queues are always so long - the sight of each docile sucker shuffling up to the window creates gales of laughter from the staff that can take up to ten minutes to abate. 'We treat you like crap, write you snotty letters which we charge you £25 to read telling you that as you went tenpence over your limit a month ago you've now racked up a hundred quid's worth of extra charges, and *still* you come shambling back? Ha! Fools! Here, have a free pen. Oh no - it's attached to the counter on a little chain! Ha!'
Please, Miss
August 5, 2005
Unfortunately, ex-teacher Sandra Geisel - or 'Mrs Geisel' as she was known to her lovers - had not exactly been a one-student woman. The investigation which followed, and indeed continues, has so far thrown up another unnamed student. Referring to him as the unnamed student or the boy in question is going to get a little tedious, so with that in mind, let's call him Lucky. Lucky is 16. Unluckily for Mrs Geisel, Lucky was only 15 when he got lucky, twice, back in May.
The TFT Guide To... Showbiz infidelity
July 24, 2005
‘Hey Jude - don’t make it bad.’
Some people just won’t listen, will they? This week it was revealed that Jude Law slept with his nanny, or at least his child’s nanny, causing boho-chic babe Sienna Miller to call off their wedding - or as one paper reported it, ‘explode with rage’, presumably leaving just a smouldering pair of Ugg boots. But if you’re a celebrity, what can you do to avoid being a victim of infidelity?
Reputation, reputation
July 24, 2005
Roman Polanski is one of film’s more, as some smirking sources would euphemistically put it, ‘colourful characters’. He was married to Charles Manson’s famous victim Sharon Tate. He is famous for directing Rosemary’s Baby (giving a cameo to fine upstanding Satanist Anton LaVey), thereby making thousands of women wonder if their partners had been craftily shagging them in their sleep. But he is possibly even more famous for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Hey, it was the 70s.
Tom Cruise: Top fun
July 3, 2005
This week Cruise was interviewed by Matt Lauer on a programme called Today. In the footage of the interview, when the subject turns to mental health at least, Cruise suddenly transforms into a glassy-eyed aggressor, testily hectoring shiny Matt Lauer, pouring scorn on his knowledge of prescription drugs and the damage they cause. ‘You don’t know the history of psychiatry,’ he hectors, ‘I do’. At that point, ironically, if Matt Lauer had thrown a glass of water in Tom Cruise’s face, he would have become a hero.
Potatoes and apostrophes
June 29, 2005
This week the English language came under attack from two quite distinct but both very silly and patently self-serving quarters. On the one hand, linguist Kate Burridge, who has a book she wants people to buy, thinks the possessive apostrophe should be abolished. On the other hand, the British Potato Society, who have an industry they want to reinvigorate, want the term 'couch potato' removed from the OED. Neither are remotely serious about their stated aims, but at least the potato people are trying to push a halfway decent product.
Jackson Condensed
June 17, 2005
The Michael Jackson trial is finally over, with the expected result - a media explosion like that of a giant piñata full of little bits of news. No innocent fact has been left unsullied, no detail of the case and its possible repercussions safe from the groping hand of ill-considered commentary. For ease of reference and regurgitation, and because frankly there's a fraction of fuck all left to say, TFT provides you with the pick of the Jackson trial newsbones.
Celebrity Stripping: Today, Posh. Tomorrow, Waller
June 4, 2005
In these times of instability and uncertainty, it's reassuring to know that certain things remain constant, not least the ability of celebrities to strip off to raise their fading public profile.
Joy riding
May 22, 2005
Acquitting him of one charge of dangerous driving and five charges of speeding, District Judge Bruce Morgan described PC Mark Milton as amongst the 'crème de la crème' of police drivers. He also said, 'I am told that advanced drivers have to keep their skills finely tuned in the same way that batsmen don't walk to the crease at Lord's without practising - batsmen have spent countless hours in the nets, learning and re-learning and digesting their art.' Cock. Stupid fucking cock doesn't even know what he's saying. Yes, batsmen practise, and yes, they practise 'in the nets', i.e. in an appropriate and controlled environment. You don't get batsman walking down Oxford Street of a Saturday morning, suddenly getting the urge and whipping out their bats and going bat bat bat wherever they see fit...
TFT Meets: Ben Wheatley
May 1, 2005
Now in their early 30s, Mr and Mrs Wheatley have been together since they were teenagers. But they aren't married. They are Ben Wheatley and Amy Jump. We ,et them.
Follow that Pope
April 10, 2005
So, to the question on everyone's lips: who oh who will succeed John Paul II to the papal throne? What's that you say? You couldn't give a flying fuck? Not even if your place at the right side of Jebus depended on it? Not even if his successor were a chocolate-covered platinum-plated pope in a pair of edible knickers? Well, alright, maybe then. But that's not likely to happen. And therein beats the heart of the problem, the main reason the Catholic Church has about as much relevance to people's lives today as Fingerbobs.
Papal Bullshit 2: Will the real Karol Wojtyla please stand up?
April 10, 2005
Where to begin with a critique of the Roman Catholic church? Possibly by reading Hans Kung, claimed by some to be the world's leading Catholic theologian and a critic of many aspects of his own faith. The elderly rogue priest lives in Germany, and has had numerous run-ins with the Vatican. And it's easy to see why.
Pope goes, the weasel
April 10, 2005
In death as in doddering life, the Pope spent the week being - frankly speaking - a bloody nuisance, bringing everybody down, achieving absolutely nothing and seemingly content to be gawped at by a bunch of simple-minded peasant folk and self-serving politicians. Still, as he is finally well and truly down, we thought we might take this opportunity to give him a damn good kicking.
King Hell
April 5, 2005
Jonathan King is a law unto himself. Excepting perhaps a few of history's top drawer totalitarians, no other public figure has exhibited such indomitable narcissism in the face of such widespread loathing. Jonathan King is one of the most hated 'personalities' in the country. And yet his self-love is legendary. He's like Kilroy-Silk multiplied by Clarkson to the power of Bono.
Saint Hunter
February 28, 2005
Thompson's suicide is - even for someone with just a passing acquaintance with his work - not only perfectly understandable; it is also wholly admirable. Hunter S Thompson lived his life according to his own rules. That's what he did. That's why the people that loved him loved him. Because he took no shit and he didn't give a fuck. From a very early age, he pissed all over everything that said 'behave like this' and did what he wanted... That - plus his own personal knowledge that people like him are depressingly few and distressingly far between - made him the legend he will always be.
Hunter S. Thompson: the weird gets going
February 21, 2005
Just over a month ago, The Friday Thing's Associate Editor penned a review of Hunter S. Thompson's autobiography, 'Kingdom of Fear'. He didn't like it. In fact he hated it so much that he said it was 'a shame [Thompson] didn't die before he got round to it.' Following today's news of Dr. Thompson's death, Graham Pond thinks long and hard about what he's done.
Money in junk
February 11, 2005
Oftentimes in tabloid hell, certain adjectives stick to certain celebs. Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken for example, are always 'disgraced'. Then you have 'sick' Sutcliffe, 'wacko' Jacko and 'committed royal beard' Parker-Bowles. And now there is crack-baby poster-boy, Pete Doherty, who is now officially tarred. He is 'troubled'. And in a certain sense, the tabloids have absolutely nailed it. If the nightmare of drug addiction is anything, it is certainly deeply troubling. And Pete Doherty - in and out of rehab like a well-oiled simile - is in the thick of it. He really is terribly troubled.
TFT Meets... Adam Kay
January 30, 2005
A couple of weeks ago a version of the Jam's Going Underground was posted on the internet. Links to the song, rewritten as a fulgent and fruity attack on London Underground, were quickly whizzing round the internet like shit-hot cakes. A tricky search eventually revealed that the men behind the song were Adam Kay and Sumon Biswas, two classically-trained musicians and jobbing doctors. They sounded interesting, so with Biswas currently sawing bones in Birmingham, we met up with Adam Kay in London, sat round a piano from Leipzig and asked him some pertinent questions.
Noel Edmonds: This is your week
January 23, 2005
Noel and Helen were already in the process of divorcing of course. This news was released to the press a couple of weeks ago with the words, 'No other party is involved and they intend to remain close friends.' Sadly for Noel, the News of the World simply couldn't bear the thought of a celebrity's marriage being allowed a graceful, dignified demise, so they did a little snooping. Poor old Noel. To be cuckolded by one's wife's pilates instructor is one thing, but by a pilates instructor who also likes dressing up as a lady? Not even Noel Edmonds deserved such ignominy. Hold on a sec. We were thinking of John Craven. Yes. Edmonds had it coming.
Dodgy Harry
January 15, 2005
It is difficult to imagine exactly what Prince Harry might have been thinking on Wednesday evening, as he pulled the Nazi armband over his elbow, snorted his last line of coke and made his way to his toff pals' fancy dress party. But it was most probably: 'My South African girlfriend is going to *love* this.'
Art for fox sake
December 4, 2004
TFT's favourite living artist, Mark McGowan, is back in the news. (Tracey Emin is dead or, of course, it would be her.) You may remember McGowan from the time he pushed a peanut through London with his nose. Or the time he walked backwards through London with a turkey on his head. Or the time he petitioned Southwark council for 'no sky'. If you have never heard of him before, you might assume from the above that the guy is a berk of the highest order. You'd be right. He is.
Psychojism: Graydon Carter
November 5, 2004
Like us, you may have encountered weird people who claim to do strange things in a pathetically transparent attempt to get attention. You know the type: they'll say things like 'I like to sleep on the floor. No mattress, just the hard floor. I just like it.' Or 'I love the smell of turpentine. I just love it.' It's the attention seeking born of a vague suspicion that you may be an uninteresting twat. Well, they're right about that much.
Poison Penn
October 15, 2004
During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Matt Stone said this: 'If anyone walks out of this movie, or a Michael Moore movie, thinking about voting a different way, then they're fucking stupid and shouldn't be voting.' He also said this: 'If this movie makes you think that much, you're too weak-kneed to vote.' And this: 'If you don't know what you're talking about, there's no shame in not voting.' Three statements with which it is surely quite difficult to argue.
Chapman's world
October 15, 2004
Last week, Mark Chapman, who shot John Lennon in 1980, made his third appeal for parole. The appeal was refused - but not before John Lennon fans got themselves into a bit of a flap. In their minds there is no question of Chapman being allowed out - because to them he is simply the most evil man who ever lived. More evil than Hitler, even.
TFT Meets... Sam Seder
September 10, 2004
With the American elections fast approaching, The Friday Thing has a few concerns. Concerns about John Kerry's campaign. Concerns about what will happen if he loses. Concerns about whether to go to Jenna Bush's house party. So many concerns. Thank goodness then for liberal talk radio host, film maker, comedian and soon-to-be TFT Peruvian Correspondent, Sam Seder who interrupted his 'quiet time' after the Republican Convention to put our mind at ease. Here speak he...
TFT Meets... Laura Barton
August 27, 2004
Long-time readers will be well aware of TFT's ebbing and flowing relationship with The Guardian's Laura Barton. During her time as the pencil-chewing face of G2's 'Planet Barton' quiz she gained a place in our journojism hall of fame although, to be fair, she *was* only obeying orders. Like some kind of quizzing Nazi. But since then, Laura has risen through the Guardian ranks and is now in charge of (amongst other things) the excellent Sidelines, which this week launched its own rival to Cleavage Week, entitled 'Bollocks Week'.
An open letter to Paula Radcliffe
August 27, 2004
Dear Paula... It is important to keep a sense of perspective about sporting events. But, by not being the best runner, you have negated not only the concept of 'perspective', but also honour and morality. If you had even the slightest sense of decency, there would only be one word on your mind: suicide.
Sinking like a pink torpaedo
August 20, 2004
Michael Jackson is such a jerk. Whether or not he is found by a court of law to be a 'small beam regarder', he really is a total assclown. His antics this week have shown that he hasn't the faintest idea about public relations.
Richard Madeley: Cock
August 13, 2004
You can kind of understand the people that complained. They were under the impression, rightly or wrongly, that Madeley was the holder of offensive, discriminatory views, and no-one wants Shabba Ranks presenting teatime talk shows. But to go to the trouble of getting a commission together to thrash the whole thing out and resolve the complaint seems just a little bit too much like burning money. In our eagerness to take offence, we tend to make a melodrama out of the merely inane.
The Irrelevant Madness Of Pill-Popping George
July 30, 2004
According to the story, administration aides have admitted privately that the prescription drugs could, amongst other things, impair the President's mental faculties. Crikey.
Journojism: Richard Littlejohn gonna sex you up
July 23, 2004
There's a side to Littlejohn that many people may be unaware of: the sensual, sexual side of his character. (If you have a weak stomach, you may wish to stop reading at this point.)
Enlightenment Over The Underground: A TFT contributor writes.
July 16, 2004
On Wednesday night, in genuine search of spiritual enlightenment, I made my way to Warren Street, and a dinky little block of flats that squats, rather like an unpleasant brickwork Buddha, right on top of the tube station. A (perhaps mischievous) friend had given me details of an evening to be spent in the company of a man called Sabbir Muslim.
TFT Meets... Bill Scher
July 9, 2004
Bill Scher is the Executive Editor of LiberalOasis.com - one of America's finest political blogs, providing daily commentary and strategic advice for American liberals and Democrats.
TFT Meets... Mil Millington
July 2, 2004
Mil Millington is an author, Guardian columnist, registered owner of one of the most difficult to type web addresses of all time and the finest Unreal Tournament player of his generation. He is also one of the few men whose girlfriend can inflict upon him potentially career-damaging vengeance simply by refusing to argue with him. When we last saw him, he had pink hair. But that only made us more keen to ask him some questions. We did. He answered...

July 2, 2004

WAWIBF... The Olsens
June 26, 2004
Six months ago they were named two of the most powerful 100 women in Hollywood and valued at forty million dollars each. Since then, they have released another film, turned eighteen and one of them has got sick. Mary-Kate. The skinny one. Apparently she's anorexic.
WAWIBF... Titmuss
June 26, 2004
It seems that the journey of Abi Titmuss - from would-be rapist's mousy moll to full-fledged tabloid whore - is now complete. Images of her sucking John Leslie's peter as Jayson Blade's girlfriend laps at her clam are the talk of the Internet. The general consensus seems to be that despite Leslie having the directorial flair of Stevie Wonder, Titmuss knocks spots off Paris Hilton.
WAWIBF... Strangelove
June 18, 2004
In the same week that the Genetic Service of Western Australia announced that cousins who marry and reproduce have only a lightly higher risk of having children with George Michael chins and webbed feet, David Carradine was accused by his ex-wife Coco d'Este of being an 'off-the-wall alcoholic' who had an incestuous relationship with a close relative.
World behaving madly
June 18, 2004
Why, one might wonder, is Morrissey doing this? Well, the various properties are going concerns and presumably good investments, and there's a possibility that Morrissey could cash in on the Dylan Thomas industry, turning Laugharne castle into 'a kind of Welsh village-theme park', according to the Observer Well, whatever. But we have to ask: HOW THE FUCK DID TONY FROM MEN BEHAVING BADLY GET ALL THIS MONEY?
WAWIBF... Susan Hughes
June 18, 2004
Infidelity is a terrible thing. It gives rise to what are probably the most painful, least bearable emotions you will ever experience. Think back if you've experienced it; think back to that moment when you discovered that the person whose love had convinced that life was actually worthwhile really couldn't give that much of a stuff about you, or at least not enough not to run their teeth and tongue over someone else's genitals, not to stare intently into someone else's eyes whispering words of illicit love.
WAWIBF... Lennie Kravitz
June 18, 2004
I wish that I could fly / Into the sky / So very high / Just like a dragonfly. Classic Kravitz lyrics there. Or at least they were when Orville the Duck originally wrote them back in 1983.
WAWBIF... The Hoff
June 12, 2004
Not long after the rather improbable story that David Hasselhoff was to be reinvented as a rap star by Ice T had horrified good people everywhere comes the altogether more palatable news of his apprehension whilst driving drunk in California last Saturday night. The 51-year-old satsuma-skinned icon was pulled over outside of a McDonald's restaurant, then spent the night in the slammer variously weeping, stroking himself and snarling at invisible demons.
WAWIBF... Zambian hen nights
June 5, 2004
A Zambian hen, who has not been named, was recently wandering about her home town of Chongwe fairly aimlessly, pecking at grubs or whatever it is chickens do when they're not laying eggs or being slaughtered for their meat, when a 50-year-old human grabbed hold of her and took her indoors. Once inside, the human, who is also unnamed, took off his trousers (one imagines) and sexually abused the hen (one knows, for it was reported). Unfortunately for him, his wife returned from wherever she had been mid-assault, and things swiftly went from bad to worse.
WAWIBF... Kurt Vonnegut
June 5, 2004
Kurt Vonnegut is just about the nearest thing we have to a living literary god and if you haven't read any of his books you should really make a point of doing so over the next few days. 'Slaughterhouse Five' is the obvious place to start, but also highly recommended are 'Breakfast of Champions', 'Bluebeard', 'Slapstick', 'God Bless You, Mr Rosewater' and 'Palm Sunday', the first part of his autobiography.
WAWIBF... Scraping the cracker barrel
June 5, 2004
When 36-year-old Carla Patterson found a dead mouse in her vegetable soup at a local Cracker Barrel eating-house in Virginia, she let out a mighty scream. In the ensuing panic and hullabaloo, many customers dropped their forks in fright and fled the restaurant suppressing vomit. It was May 8th - Mother's Day.
WAWIBF... Dolly Buster
June 5, 2004
With gangs of astronauts and ex-Prime Ministers battling it out with former athletes, Nobel prize winners, supermodels and porn stars, next week's European parliamentary elections are shaping up exactly like a continent-wide reality TV show. I'm A Celebrity, Let Me Taste Power.
WAWIBF... Diarmuid Gavin
May 28, 2004
Whether it’s the suffocating sickly stench of nature’s bepetalled harem or the sultry ever-presence of grand doyen, Titchmarsh, the world of celebrity gardening is an explosive game and at the Chelsea Flower Show, passions invariably run high.
WAWIBF... Tracy Emin
May 28, 2004
Last Sunday-cum-Monday in the dead of night, a bunch of angry flames spoke for a great many ordinary people and went mental in an East London warehouse containing over a hundred pieces of Charles Saatchi’s collection of modern art.
WAWIBF... Pete 'n' Dot
May 27, 2004
Earlier this month an ex-girlfriend of Libertine frontman Pete Doherty allegedly told reporters, "It wouldn't come as a shock if Pete overdosed on heroin. At the rate he is going I think it would be a medical miracle if he...
WAWIBF... Big Ron
May 27, 2004
On Wednesday night, football commentator Ron Atkinson befouled himself by referring to Marcel Desailly as 'a fucking lazy thick nigger' at the end of a Chelsea match. And the funny thing was, no-one was more upset than Big Ron himself. "I am absolutely devastated by this," he said later. "I'm annihilated. This is the worst day of my career." Poor fella. It must have been terrible, especially as he had absolutely no control over himself. "It was not an intentional comment," he insisted. "I did not even know I had said it... I had the shock of my life the next day when I was told." So shocked was he by his own errant mind that he immediately asked for and tendered his own resignation.
WAWIBF... Leslie Grantham
May 14, 2004
Whether he's masturbating behind the bushes off the A3 or shooting taxi drivers in the back of the head, JFK-style, Leslie Grantham has always been something of a controversialist, so it shouldn't really have come as much of a surprise this week when the not-particularly-good television actor was outed by the People as 'a secret webcam pervert who exposes himself to girls on the Internet'.
WAWIBF... Yang Qunying
May 14, 2004
Ananova, the online news service, used to be great. Now, sadly, it's garbage. No search facility, no serious news stories more than a day old. Hardly worth bothering with at all. Except of course, for the quirkies. Ananova still do a fine line in quirkies. For example, no other website outside of China this week covered the plight of 50-year-old Yang Qunying. Which means that only Ananova was able to run with the breaking news and potentially life-altering headline, 'Rat's urine no good for breasts'.
WAWIBF... Answering prayers
May 14, 2004
Much like aliens, religious icons have a terrible habit of only showing themselves to the truly insane and utterly desperate. Whether they hide themselves in bits of old biscuit or force tears from tawdry plastic statues of themselves, spiritual leaders - more often than not Christian figureheads such as Jesus and his mum - seem to be interested solely in appearing to those who are already a few communion wafers short of a full agnostic picnic.
WAWIBF... Andy Kaufman
May 14, 2004
This Sunday evening there is a once-in-a-lifetime showbiz extravaganza at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, Hollywood. The name of the show is 'Andy Kaufman - Dead or Alive?' begging the answer, he's dead. Of course he's dead. He died of lung cancer on May 16th, 1984. Or did he? Well, yes, he did.
WAWIBF... Dumb luck
May 7, 2004
This week construction worker Isidro Mejia made his first chair-bound public appearance following a hideous accident last month in which he managed to get six four-inch nails fired at high speed into his face, neck and skull.
WAWIBF... Leonid Stadnyk
May 7, 2004
When Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk was only twelve years old, he had an operation to remove a tumour from his pituitary gland. Unfortunately, surgeons missed a bit, and Stadnyk was left with a rare condition called acromegalic gigantism. Now Stadnyk is 33, and, at eight foot four inches, he is the tallest man in the world. Plus, as if that weren't achievement enough, if he manages to keep from dying, killing himself or being cured, within a couple of years he will poop all over Robert Pershing Wadlow and become the tallest person in history.
WAWIBF... Brian Harvey
April 30, 2004
Even when dim, snarling uber-chav, Brian Harvey was "set upon" by four or five young men outside a nightclub in December 2001, and left requiring plastic surgery to the head; even when the News of the World exposed his alleged cocaine-dealing or when he was declared bankrupt; even when he went to jail for breaking an ex-wife's non-molestation order; and even now that he has been put on 'suicide watch', it's nigh on impossible to have any sympathy whatsoever for him. But now, perhaps more than ever, we should try.
WAWIBF... Randall Terry
April 30, 2004
Randall Terry is a Christian Activist. He campaigns, and vigorously, for Christ. Not the super-humble, lowlife-friendly Christ who took tea and crumpet with heathens and whores, but the unforgiving, loveless Christ, who bashed queers and shot poison arrows into the Satan-infested kidneys of abortion doctors.
ID Cards: We wish we had a brain
April 30, 2004
At TFT, we're starting to worry that we might be a bit thick. Not just possessed of trivial little minds, or more inclined to watch When Good Pets Go Bad 2 than Newsnight, but actually two-short-planks, Sara Cox with a lobotomy, dense as a lead brick in a collapsing supernova thick.
WAWIBF... Leslie Ash
April 30, 2004
Domestic violence is so tear-pluckingly unpleasant a subject and so clearly not-an-area-to-be-mined-for-cheap-laughs that even if the aggressor were dressed as a clown, it would still fail to raise so much as a smile. Thank God then, that the dreadful injuries sustained by Leslie Ash last Saturday morning were merely the result of careless whoopee. Thank heavens that when Lee Chapman inadvertently slammed his wife off the marital bed, broke a rib and cracked a lung, all he was doing was making sweet love. Blimey. Imagine him with a cob on. You wouldn't like him with a cob on.
Sir John Stevens, detective extrodinaire
April 30, 2004
Defending himself against the claim that his investigation into the death of Diana is a PR stunt, Met chief Sir John Stevens told the press that witness accounts and police reports weren't enough in the Di case, and 'you have to come to the scene and see what happened'.
WAWIBF... Allah
April 24, 2004
Last Saturday morning an employee of the Hogan, Sullivan and Bianco funeral home in San Francisco arrived at work and was confronted with every mortician's nightmare: a 48-year-old homeless man slumped cock-naked over an elderly corpse. Ex-employee Mahdi Allah had entered the premises sometime the previous night using a key he had presumably stolen or copied when he used to work there.
WAWIBF... Rebecca Loos
April 14, 2004
Things keep getting worse for Posh Beckham. In an interview screened on Sky One last night, Rebecca Loos said that if the Beckhams do take her to court, she will prove that she slept with David by revealing dark secrets about his genitals. Things that only a woman who has had said genitals stuffed in her face all night could possibly know. We're thinking scarring of the glans, following the removal of some rather nasty genital warts. Either that, monorchidism or a lean so acute that it's comical. We're guessing here obviously.
Donald Rumsfeld: Turn that frown upside down
April 9, 2004
It must be great being Donald Rumsfeld. This week, in a lengthy, fractious press conference, he said that the recent violence in Iraq - which killed nearly three dozen Americans in a matter of days - was caused by a few 'thugs, gangs and terrorists'.
The Times They Are A-Changin'
April 2, 2004
George Galloway was expelled from the Labour party for opposing the war. Now, as he prepares to stand as an anti-war candidate for London in the European elections, TFT asks him about his new Respect Coalition, his views on Iraq, and why he crops up so frequently in the papers
We don't have an endgame
March 26, 2004
Scott Ritter is critical of the war on Iraq – but he’s not your average anti-war protester. He became a UN weapons inspector because he suspected that Iraq was concealing weapons of mass destruction, he’s a former Marine and (until now) a lifelong Republican. “We had people screaming for war who didn’t know what war was,” he tells the LNR.
TFT meets: Simon Hughes
March 19, 2004
How’s the campaign going? It’s becoming quite exciting. Londoners – and the media – are finally starting to turn their attentions to the election. Last year there was the debate about Iraq, then there was a question about whether Iain...
George Bush and Martin Luther King: compare and contrast
January 16, 2004
To the rousing tune of hundreds of protesters shouting their objections, President Bush has laid a wreath at the tomb of Martin Luther King Jr., to mark the 75th birthday of the murdered civil rights leader. The only other sound...
TFT Meets... Daisy Donovan
January 10, 2004
The London News Review went to the LWT restaurant to meet Miss Daisy Donovan. Over Haagen Daaz ice-cream and green curry, we asked her some questions. She put down her spoon and answered them.
While my guitar gently rises in value
January 9, 2004
Dr Gilbert Lederman was in a quandry. On the one hand, his son was a huge fan of the Beatles and would have been over the moon to have his guitar signed by George Harrison. On the other hand, George...
TFT Meets... Jeremy Hardy
January 5, 2004
Before Christmas, while our Features Editor was drinking coffee at Victoria Station, his mobile rang. It was Jeremy Hardy, with some answers. As luck would have it, he had plenty of questions.
Popped Clog: Bob Monkhouse
December 31, 2003
Bob Monkhouse - comedian, gameshow host, entertainer - has died. He was 75. LNR Film Editor, Robin Ince looks back at a lifetime of Bob on the big screen.
TFT Meets... Paul Garner
December 26, 2003
Paul Garner - former 11 O'Clock Show regular, former rugby player, and former member of The Herbs - made his name doing bad things with Chris Morris on Radio One. We met him.
Making like a washing machine in the Cook Islands
December 24, 2003
The Cook Islands may not be able to boast that they lead the world in many things – but when it comes to dancing they are top of the pile. Jonathan Harwood, our South Seas correspondent, writes.
TFT Meets... Andrew Collins
December 23, 2003
Andrew Collins, former editor of Q magazine, biographer of Billy Bragg, brother of Simon Collins, fan of Pam Ayres and compulsive diarist took time out from not writing a diary to answer some questions.
TFT Meets... Charlie Brooker
December 21, 2003
He's the man who told TV to Go Home, he's been named and shamed in The News of The World as a paedophile for his work with Chris Morris, and he's a fabulous dancer.
Exiled to Acton
December 20, 2003
How did Afghanistan get in such a bloody mess? Rumour reached us of a high-ranking Afghan living in exile in Acton, West London. So we put Michael Wale on the no. 207 bus out of Shepherd’s Bush to find General Safi and ask him what went wrong.
TFT Meets... Ricky Gervais
December 19, 2003
Star of The 11 O'Clock Show, Meet Ricky Gervais and The Office, D.J on XFM, celebrity boxer and now a Golden Globe nominee - Ricky Gervais is a busy man. Imagine how grateful we were, then, when he agreed to provide answers to a few questions.
David Blair: Pro or Patsy?
December 19, 2003
Sean Walsh remembers the school days of the journalist whose 'lucky' find threatened to destroy George Galloway.
Drop red, Ken
December 17, 2003
Roll out the red carpet, bake a red cake, strike up a red band and paint the town red - Ken Livingstone has been readmitted to the Labour party.
Sinners and Winners: A confession
December 13, 2003
We all hope that our sins won't come to the surface. But lets face it, no matter how hard you pretend that it didn't happen, someone's bound to notice one day.
TFT Meets... Dave Gorman
December 12, 2003
"I'd want to be a mongrel. And I'd like to be owned by a butcher."
TFT Meets... Jimmy Carr
December 9, 2003
You probably know him as the acerbic host of Channel 4's Distraction - his name is Jimmy Carr and he took time out from being Britain's Best Dressed Man 2005 to answer some questions...
Kabbalah... with Britney and Madonna
December 5, 2003
"Yesod is the world seen magically, the relationships under the surface of life. I have made Missy Elliott like me through this power, and I made you kiss me; soon, it will let me rule the musical world once more. This is where Into the Groove and Hollywood come together, and where our mystic union takes place."
Bog off, ape boy
November 21, 2003
The policeman who searched me when I went into this area wore tight rubber gloves and I found the whole procedure quite sexual. But I was probably just a bit overexcited by my impending act of international terrorism. Charlie Skelton spends an afternoon in Whitehall.
Popped Clog: Art Carney
November 14, 2003
His famous porkpie hat is empty now. Art Carney is dead.
Michael, Michael, Michael. You've done it again.
November 13, 2003
"What more can I give?" asks Michael Jackson in his new single. The answer, it seems, is millions of pounds to the Church of Scientology.
Popped Clog: Kamato Hongo
November 7, 2003
Kamato Hongo - until very recently the world's oldest living human - has died. She was 116. (Although she didn't look a day over 105).
Paul Daniels: as illusive as ever
November 6, 2003
We meet up with the master magician and ask him things.
Is it cuz I is middle-class?
November 1, 2003
Mark E. Smith does a wee into a bucket. Micheal Bracewell thinks it's because he was a class warrior. But maybe he was just bored, writes Alan Connor.
All I've damaged is an egg
November 1, 2003
What do you get if you cross a comedian, some bacon, sausages and a few eggs with an American magician in a perspex box? Henry Naylor reveals all.
The TFT Guide To... Killing Diana
October 24, 2003
Was there a plot to kill Diana? Of course there fucking wasn't, but it won’t stop Paul 'Milky Milky' Burrell and Piers 'Sincerity incarnate' Morgan wringing a few more quid out of the corpse of Everyone’s Favourite Princess.
"Get that jigaboo up here and I will sort her out!"
October 17, 2003
Where would a Girl Aloud pick up such a term?
Roy Horn and the 21st Century reality crisis
October 10, 2003
The terrible mauling of Roy Horn gives Charlie Skelton pause for thought. (Note: this is not a pun).
October 4, 2003
Vox Day has a silly name, a silly haircut, and says silly things like accusing the Democrats of turning America gay. (Which they didn't. Everyone knows that Vanilla Ice turned America gay. Surely that's like common knowledge?)
Out of the pen
October 3, 2003
If it wasn’t for Jeffrey Archer, how on earth would we know what a terrible state our prisons are in? How would we know that they’re full of illiterate junkies? How good of him then, to turn his ghastly criminal past into something which can benefit society as a whole.
Ted Nugent: All-American Earthman
October 3, 2003
He has blood in his veins, a song in his heart, and a high-tensile Renegade Non-Typical XL 41-inch bow in his hands. Yup, it's the Nuge, and he's a-gawn huntin'.
Losing their religion
October 1, 2003
Sean Walsh has a good hard think about belief systems that could be used to liberate rich pop stars from the burden of their worldly possessions.
Uri Geller: Bending The Truth
September 29, 2003
Legally speaking, Uri Geller is a dangerous man to cross. Almost as famous for threatening litigation against his critics as he is for bending cutlery, it would be a foolish man indeed who accused him of being a fraudster. Which is a shame really, as that's exactly what he is. A fraudster - albeit an exceptionally clever and charming one.
Emo Philips: the song remains the same
September 26, 2003
"When I went to college, my parents threw a going away party for me, according to the letter."
Addicted to Hutton
September 19, 2003
In its guise as literature I've enjoyed the Hutton Inquiry much better than the last Will Self novel I read and I'm not sure I want it to stop, writes Robert Katz.
Waen Sheperd: carving out the future of music with a silken axe
September 19, 2003
We meet the man behind the boldest and most uncompromising Neo-Regency Face Warrior of modern times: Gary le Strange.
Jennifer Otis: Beyond 9-11
September 12, 2003
An American artist talks to us about her response to September 11th. And about some other stuff too.
Boris Johnson's dirty love
September 11, 2003
This week Berlusconi is rumoured to have had colonic irrigation in an attempt to remove the last vestiges of Boris Johnson's tongue from his majestic statuesque multi-billion-dollar arse.
Popped Clog: Warren Zevon
September 10, 2003
Warren Zevon - quirky songwriter and.... well, quirky songwriter - has finally hung up his guitar and died. Although, in truth, someone else probably hung it up for him, seeing as how weak he'd become from the cancer.
Derek Watts: man of mystery
September 5, 2003
He knows where the Ark of the Covenant is, he knows where a time travel portal is (it's somewhere in Wales) and he knows how to cure Christopher Reeve. Derek Watts knows plenty.
Out with the old, in with the ex-PR man
September 4, 2003
An ex-flack is taking over from an ex-hack to put an end to the spin at the heart of Government. Honestly.
"Our life for yours - a simple equation"
September 3, 2003
In 1994, Paul Hill shot and killed a doctor and the doctor's bodyguard outside an abortion clinic. And for this holy and righteous act he is about to be fried.
Popped Clog Extra: Jill Ireland
September 2, 2003
Charles Bronson, craggy gunslinger, has followed his long-mourned first wife, Jill Ireland, into the grave. Maybe not the same grave, but probably one quite nearby.
Popped Clog: Charles Bronson
September 2, 2003
Charles Bronson - Russian, Lithuanian, father, husband, husband, husband, actor - has died. He was 81.
You've got to admire his balls
August 22, 2003
Why do we have such a problem with watching a free-swinging cock and nutsack come flapping up the road?
Popped Clog: Gregory Hines
August 14, 2003
Gregory Hines is dead. Maurice Hines, on the other hand, is not.
Competitive Dad
August 9, 2003
Christophe Fauviau raises the bar for pushy parents the world over.
Jack of all trades, master of none
August 9, 2003
Felix Dennis: Investor in person.
Popped Clog: Bob Hope
July 30, 2003
Bob Hope - actor, husband, centenarian - has died. He was 100, as centenarians so often are.
Trust In The Force, Luke
July 29, 2003
Just when you thought you'd run out of reasons to hate Chris Evans...
Believe In The Force Luke
July 29, 2003
Just when you thought you'd run out of reasons to hate Chris Evans.
"Just look at the picture and think what you like."
July 26, 2003
Hating Sarah Lucas is a tricky but important business, thinks Charlie Skelton
Cherie Blair: has she got a piece of her brain missing?
July 23, 2003
Tra-la-la... not listening... tra-la-la... too embarrassing...
WAWIBF: Lady Archer
July 23, 2003
Fragrant? She's a fragrant as an oyster that's been left on the sideboard for a fortnight.
Gerald Kaufman: Prize Twat
July 22, 2003
I used to like Gerald Kaufman. He hates fox hunting and over-priced CDs and is a vocal critic of Israel's actions towards the Palestinians. But all of a sudden he seems to have gone rubbish, writes Charlie Skelton.
Sit him down and give him a cup of tea
July 18, 2003
Gilbert Walker is driven to madness by drink. The drink in question being jasmine tea.
'For George'
July 18, 2003
The News of the World is on hand to watch and tut as George Best ruins his new liver.
Don't Let The Door Hit You In The Fanny On The Way Out
July 15, 2003
Fan. Lead singer. And back to fan. The curious career path of Tim "Ripper" Owens.
Sean Copland: eating the rich
July 11, 2003
Sean Copland is curious chap. To paraphrase Churchill, he is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enema.
Raise a glass to the girls of Royal Society Models
July 4, 2003
"Sometimes words can't be found or better said there are just not enough to explain to you how wonderful someone can be."
Big Star Guests and Big Star Prizes
June 26, 2003
Wiggly fingers, his and hers luggage sets, a bin on wheels, high kicking ladies, Vauxhall Chevettes and sketches set on steamships. And Brad Ashton. Behind the glamour and the glitz of 3-2-1, behind Caroline Munro and the slightly disappointing garden...
Go Bish!
June 23, 2003
The Bishop of Birmingham, Dr John Sentamu, hitches up his skirt and wades into the argument over Iraq.
Popped Clog: Gregory Peck
June 16, 2003
Gregory Peck, raven-haired star of 'The Guns of Navarone' is dead. He slipped away in the night, a bit like his character in The Guns of Navarone does from the Nazis. Peck was the second most handsome star Hollywood has ever produced, and had the second most sexy voice. He starred in the second greatest action movie ever made (The Guns of Navarone), and the second most romantic film (Roman Holiday). Not bad for a guy born with a club foot. He was 87.
Popped Clog: Barry White
June 5, 2003
Barry White - father, singer, sex symbol, chronic overeater - has died. He was 58.
Popped Clog: Karen Morley
May 1, 2003
Karen Morley - actress, American, blacklistee - has died. She was 93.
Popped Clog: Barry Sheene
April 12, 2003
Barry Sheene - motorcycle racer, womaniser, accident victim - has died. He was 53.
Popped Clog: Thora Hird
March 17, 2003
Thora Hird - actress, comedian, talking head, dame - has died. She was 91.
Popped Clog: Adam Faith
March 10, 2003
Adam Faith - singer, actor, producer, financial advisor, man called Terry, bankrupt - has died. He was 62.
Shit-spewing Streatham junky strumpet
February 13, 2003
The woman once described by her manager and close friend as "a manipulative, scheming, rude and impossible little madam" this week shocked the High Court with revelations that she has long been (and will always be) a stuck-up shit-spewing Streatham junky strumpet.
Popped Clog: Maurice Gibb
January 14, 2003
Maurice George Harrison Gibb - husband, father, brother, brother, Bee Gee - has died. He was 53.
Popped Clog: Roy Jenkins
January 7, 2003
Roy Jenkins - European Commission President, Chancellor, Home Secretary, WWII code-breaker and architect of the permissive society - has died. He was 82.
Popped Clog: Joe Strummer
December 24, 2002
Joe Strummer - guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and sometime front man - has died. He was 50.
Popped Clog: James Coburn
November 19, 2002
James Coburn - actor, gun-slinger, arthritis sufferer, bore - has died. He was 74.
Popped Clog: Mira Hindley
November 15, 2002
In support of the BBC's Children In Need appeal, Myra Hindley - smoker, lesbian, Catholic, multiple child murderer - has died. She was 60.
The Smoking Burrell
November 12, 2002
The revelation that Paul Burrell tried to seduce Michael Barrymore just days after the death of Princess Diana raises the serious question: is there a single major news story which Paul Burrell has not been involved in? Apparently not...
Popped Clog: Lonnie Donegan
November 4, 2002
Lonnie Donegan - son of a dustman, king of skiffle - has died. He was 71.
Popped Clog: Richard Harris
October 26, 2002
Richard Harris - actor, director, singer, poet, theatre impresario, bankrupt, alcoholic - has died. He was 72.
Diana Spencer's diary
October 13, 2002
Weight 6st, alcohol units 8, people in marriage 0, calories in 5424, calories out 4631, total 793.
Popped Clog: Michael Elphic
September 10, 2002
Michael Elphic - star of Boon; co-star of Three up, Two down; alcoholic - has died. He was 55.
Popped Clog: 'Steady Ed' Hedrick
August 15, 2002
'Steady Ed' Hedrick - inventor of the modern Frisbee and the sport of 'disc golf' - has died. He was 78.
Rudolph Giuliani: This is your career
February 6, 2002
Lest we forget.
One goes mad on a horse
January 13, 2002
'Living up to his image as the Royal we'd least like to meet in a dark alley, lanky, Britney-chasing, art historian, William Windsor alledgedly 'went mad' this week, attacking a defenceless photographer with his horse.

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