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Derek Watts: man of mystery

In a house near the sea lives Derek. He lives there with his dad and his parrot and the spirit of his dead mother.

Derek Watts, in case you were wondering, is psychic.

5 September 2003

Derek is able, he says, to channel the power of the spirits through his hands to heal ailments, and he wants to get his hands on Christopher Reeve: "There's a 99% possibility that the energies could help him walk in less than a month," says Derek. If anyone knows Christopher and can put Derek in touch, then please let us know.

Derek also does automatic writing, and sent us an example through the post. The handwriting is scratchy but legible. The text reads: "Hello Derek, Emily Bronte here. I can confirm that this message is genuine." We probed him further:

> Where were you born?

I was born in Lewisham London England, near Catford.

> What is your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is the fall I had which resulted in my left eye going totally blind at two years of age.

> What is your favourite sandwich?

I haven't got one, but bacon sandwich is most likely.

> What did you dream about last night?

I do not dream much but when I do it's mostly about dark and empty buildings. I don't know what that means.

> Tell us about your parents.

My father was born in Chislehurst Kent, my mother in Prince of Wales Road, in London. Both parents lived through the war, my mother was an evacuee and went to Wales for two years, while my father was in the army. He trained as a cook for over 2,000 soldiers as well as officers. The spiritual side comes from my father's side, his sister... sorry this writing is brief but as I have already explained it is very difficult to write because the automatic writing takes over. My mother worked in various pubs encircling the Law Courts, etc. My father on the railway and as a milkman.

To cut a long story short, since my mother has passed away over ten years ago it's been very difficult, most of my family have cut me off completely. I get support from only one sister Janet who is slightly psychic. My mother guides me from the spirit world and my father does the best he can to help in very difficult circumstances. My mother's name was Doris Ethelinda Edwards. Ethelinda is a Russian name.

> Do you like living near the sea?

Not really. I am mostly interested in opened countryside and ruined castles etc.

> When did you first realize you had powers?

In 1988 when my aunt and the Bronte Sisters came through to me in the local cemetery.

> How do spirits contact you?

I put pen or pencil to paper and then the writing changes, sometimes it is very detailed. Poems take less than a minute to write through automatic writing.

> What has been your most powerful experience of contact?

The most powerful was when Jesus' face was drawn on paper and the pen drew without my assistance.

> What information have you gathered from spirits?

Much information about future times. Something taking place in the next few years which could mean that we will be fighting for survival on a major scale. Something to do with the sun. It's got to do with sunspots - an alpha wave 10,000 miles wide. This is going to be a bigger solar flare than you can image. I'm not saying it'll be the end of the world or anything. I'm pretty certain that we're okay on that score. I don't want to be an alarmist.

> What is the most important thing you have learned?

Not to give too much information to others who might use it for monetary purposes. A woman in Hove did this who was doing a Turin Shroud exhibition.

> Do you have any specific information about the future?

Yes. Channel tunnel collapses in middle. Time travel happening much sooner than scientists predicted. It's to do with a place not speed, there is a time-energy field that you can actually go through. You do not have to go as fast as the speed of light. There is a location in Wales where this might happen, to do with the Sword of Excalibur.

> How does the healing work?

Energy from outside flows through my hands and through a person's body, mostly it is hot very hot energy. A woman who had leukaemia had healing from me and could walk a lot better very soon afterwards. Other people with severe back pain can go within ten minutes it is so powerful it affects me most of the time also if you put your hand on a flat surface or table what comes through me will lift your hand off the table whether you are a believer or a sceptic it is something that can't be explained, okay.

> What is your biggest regret in life?

My biggest regret in life is that although I talk to my mother through automatic writing I would have liked my mother here with my father to see the breakthrough I hope to get.

> Have you ever been to Peru?

No, I have not been abroad at all but in Lima in Peru there is UFO aliens evidence.

> What is your favourite memory of snow?

Not much. I have a phobia of ice and snow, mostly walking through it because I've slipped up on it a couple of times.

> What is your favourite film?

Raiders of the Lost Ark because of my spiritual link and Wuthering Heights because of Emily Bronte.

> Tell us about your parrot.

We have a budgerigar who is called Timothy. He is one year and three months old, he talks as well, says his name and sometimes can look in places in the cage where a previous budgie might be because we had a budgie before who died last year in the cage.

If you have any questions for Derek, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Send your emails to:


- and we'll pass them on.

Meanwhile, Derek very kindly sent us two photographs, which show the spirits at work:

Image 1

In this photo (taken in Derek's front room in Hastings) a spirit figure appears in the picture frame. It is not, Derek maintains, a reflection. It is, he claims, the spirit of his father's father: Cleveland Watts. The lady in the foreground is Derek's mother.

Image 2

In the second photo, a strange hooded (or veiled?) figure appears behind the fountain. Derek's mother took the photo, and remembered no one lurking behind the fountain at the time. Derek thinks the figure is Anne Boleyn.

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