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Vox Day believes in God. "Without God, there is only the left-hand path of the philosopher. It leads invariably to Hell, by way of the guillotine, the gulag and the gas chamber."

He loves to commentate on culture.

This article is sort of about him.

4 October 2003

What on earth were the Fox News Channel thinking when they filed a lawsuit against Al Franken for using the term 'fair and balanced' in the title his book? Did they really think they could persuade any court that they had a monopoly on this common collocation? What fools. Naturally, instead of silencing the book, their antics guaranteed the book's success. Much to the chagrin of Bill O'Reilly, who even appears on the cover of Frankenís swipe at right-wing deceit.

Bill O'Reilly is "America's #1 cable TV news commentator, leading radio personality and best-selling author," according to no less fair and balanced a source then billoreilly.com. And he isn't happy at being called a liar. This week he told Time magazine that "President Andrew Jackson would have put a bullet between [Frankenís] eyes." Also this week Al Franken said in an address at Harvard that O'Reilly is an "obnoxious bully" and "a pathological liar." Excellent fun.

This spat has been going on for quite some time, but now that Franken's book is doing so well, many other pundits and hacks have joined in, either on the attack or fighting back against Franken. One of the most amusing is this chap called Vox Day. Who sounds like a Jackie Collins hero, but isn't half as much fun.

Day writes a column for worldnetdaily.com, and he's clearly very keen on making a name for himself as a savage political pundit, but the sad fact is, he is trying too hard. He starts his piece, called 'Al Franken is an irrelevant sissy' with a description of the Democrat Party as a "collection of hypersensitive racists, outdated labor unions, infanticidal feminists and globalist socialists." He finishes by saying this: "I not only believe the Democrats have feminized politics, I believe they have feminized the American male and are responsible for the evolution of the so-called metrosexual as well as the homosexualization of American culture." He's a bit mad, isn't he? He should go and hunt moose with Ted Nugent.

Vox Day is a Christian libertarian and a proud member of Mensa. You can always spot Mensa members by the fact that point gets lost in a sea of syllables. But still, the discerning dudes over at the Hollywood Halfwits site love him. Referring to the picture above Day's column, one of them wrote, "This Vox Day guy looks Diesel [sic] - Franken wouldn't last one round." Another wrote, "Vox Day absolutley rules [sic], I wish he'd write a book, or get a show."

He will, halfwits. He will.

With one proviso: if Vox wants a TV show he might have to start looking a leeetle bit less of a twat.


Vox Day on Feminism:


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