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TFT Meets... Jimmy Carr

You probably know him as the acerbic host of Channel 4's Distraction - his name is Jimmy Carr and he took time out from being Britain's Best Dressed Man 2005 to answer some questions...

9 December 2003

> Where did you grow up?

In the 'home counties', Buckinghamshire to be precise. Actually in the same small village as Iain Lee and Zoe Ball (if that's of any interest).

> It is. Do you find it odd being alive?

Recently yes. In the last couple of years things have got a little peculiar. I've lost my faith in God and just as that's happened things have gotten interesting.

> What is your earliest memory of happiness?

Well I don't know how we are defining happiness. My earliest memory is of having a 'spinal tap' (not cosmetic, a spot of meningitis) obviously not a great experience but I remember when it finished I was rather pleased.

> Who at school made you laugh?

Anthony Hill was a very funny friend, always asking the dumbest of questions. 'What day is Bank Holiday Monday?' that type of thing. Sorry he's dead really.

> What is the least useful fact you've ever learned?

Apparently the most deadly animal in the world is a snake that lives almost seven miles underwater off the coast of Japan. I don't doubt that it's toxic but equally it's not what I'd call an immediate threat.

> What is your longest-held grudge?

Four years.

> When and how did you become a comedian?

About four years ago I was working for a large oil company and I became bored of the dinner party conversation that that job produced. I basically got very very depressed and had what I like to call a 'quarter life crisis'. I did my first open spot in a comedy club and promptly resigned.

> What is your own favourite Jimmy Carr joke?

Well, I can't tell it because it's very wrong. It's basically a play on words regarding the phrase 'there's safety in numbers' and is universally offensive. The punch line is 'tell that to....' I'm sure you can work it out.

> What does comedy bring to the world?

I don't think it brings anything new but it rearranges what's here in a pleasing manner.

> Open your notebook: what is the least funny gag you can find there.

When you think about it everyone is a touch typist. (Not really even a gag, but clearly at some point in the last week I thought it was good enough to write down).

> Which professional sportsperson do you most admire?

I'm keen on Tiger Woods. Basically because golf is a boring elitist game and I bet he makes proto fascists that run the sport rather upset.

> What, in your opinion, is the funniest scene from any film?

The moment at the end of 'The Game'. I shan't spoil it but it involved a t-shirt.

> Where do you stand on Chevy Chase?

The windpipe.

> Has 'Your Face Or Mine' been a pleasure to work on?

Well yes, and let me tell you why. There are people in television called 'runners' and they bring you stuff. Coffee, pancakes, paper and the like. No money changes hands and they're always in a good mood. When we're filming it's like having a butler for the day.

> What was your favourite moment that never made it to broadcast?

On the dyke episode we showed them getting upset but we cut the moment when butch really teared up.

> Tell us something we don't know about June Sarpong.

She's going out with an MP and she's doesn't wear lip gloss - it's all natural.

> While we're on the subject, tell us something surprising about Jimmy Carr.

I'm a qualified psychotherapist. Not as impressive as it sounds actually. Hang on maybe it is, I don't know how impressed you were.

> If you had to buy Elton John a present, what would it be?

A Ben Folds Five album - 'the piano can be fun Elton'.

> Do you sometimes lie there in the darkness bamboozled by the pointlessness of it all?

I tend to get up and watch some telly. I find QVC or Bid-Up TV are ideally for helping me remember that actually my life is alright.

> What has replaced 'encyclopaedia salesmen' in the world of comedy?

Sadly the Jehovah Witnesses still get a hard time despite having never darkened my door.

> Have you ever been to Peru?

No. Are you confusing me with Trevor Lock? He looks a bit like me, he's funny and he spends a lot of time in Peru.

> What's your worst habit?

I'm really very annoying and tiresome. That's an issue.

> What did you find oddest about the war on Iraq?

I can't believe the telly coverage wasn't better. It was a real 'radio war'.

> What is the worst thing about Americans?

We've got 'eat as much as you like restaurants' - they've got 'eat as much as you can'. Basically they've added an element of competition to eating, so a meal can not only be delicious but a personal best. That pretty much sums up the worst thing - the portions are too big.

> What next for Jimmy Carr?

Well I'm off to America as it happens, then Canada and then the Edinburgh festival for August. I must make some more TV when I get a moment. Take care.

> Bye.

If you have a spare moment, go and play around in Jimmy's domain: JimmyCarr.com

Learn more about Trevor Lock: here.

And learn more about sea snakes: here

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