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TFT Meets... Dave Gorman

Last year, we interviewed Ben Caudell from TVGoHome and asked him which question we should ask the following week's interviewee. He suggested 'Are you Dave Gorman?'

As it turned out, Damon Green from London Tonight wasn't Dave Gorman. But today's interviewee is. What a missed opportunity.

12 December 2003

> Have you ever taken something you shouldn't?

Tequila, I suppose. I should never take tequila. Everyone who has ever drunk tequila has, in my opinion, taken something they shouldn't.

> What might we find under your bed?

Pants and socks. That's where I keep them.

> What's the hardest thing you've ever had to do for money?

I've never really had a proper job and I always hate it when comedians complain about their job. I love doing what I do and consider it a huge privilege that I'm able to get paid for doing it. If I had to choose one thing as the hardest it would be corporate entertainment. But I can't really claim that I had to do it. My choice.

> Which celebrity would you most like to make laugh?

The most flattering laughter is from other comedians - often very cynical as an audience. So if I can have a celebrity back from the grave it would have to be Eric Morecambe. I don't know if this counts as celebrity but I can claim to have recently made Sunita from Big Brother laugh. She was in the studio audience for one of the recordings of the new TV show. I like to think that's why she decided to leave the BB house: she suddenly realised that she had tickets and didn't want to miss the show.

> What's your favourite television programme?

Favourite comedies: I love The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Larry Sanders, The Office, The Royle Family, Morecambe and Wise, Father Ted and no doubt many others that I'll remember the minute the interview is over. Call My Bluff. People always think I'm being ironic when I praise Call My Bluff but I'm not. I love it. I think the BBC have just cancelled it so it won't be on BBC1 lunch times any more. But BBC2 should rescue it and put it in the early evenings.

> What was your favourite game as a child?

The best games were always the ones you made up yourself. Kicking a football around while riding BMX bikes in something roughly based on Polo was good. I always thought I'd love Mousetrap but the work/fun ratio isn't very rewarding. It took ages to set up the Heath Robinsonesque contraption which didn't always work and if no-one set off the trap the game was useless. I did like Monopoly.

> What do you read when no-one is looking?

Books. I also read them when people are looking.

> Finish this sentence: I once....

Walked in to a room to find Tony Bennett urinating.

> If you were resurrected as a dog, what breed would you want to be, and who would you want to have as your owner?

I'd want to be a mongrel. And I'd like to be owned by a butcher.

> What do you think of George W Bush?

I don't think about him.

> What's the worst thing about living in Britain today?

Traffic. The impossibility of driving is just infuriating. Getting across London. Getting past Birmingham. The endless, predictable gridlock. I only drive if I have to. But I often have to.

> And finally, what would you like us to ask next week's interviewee?

What's love got to do (got to do) with it?

..and please tell Ben Caudell that I am Dave Gorman.


Dave Gorman's new book, Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure is out on January 1st.

For more of what Dave does, visit http://www.davegorman.com

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