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WAWIBF... Randall Terry

30 April 2004

Randall Terry is a Christian Activist. He campaigns, and vigorously, for Christ. Not the super-humble, lowlife-friendly Christ who took tea and crumpet with heathens and whores, but the unforgiving, loveless Christ, who bashed queers and shot poison arrows into the Satan-infested kidneys of abortion doctors.

Terry is founder of pro-life organization Operation Rescue, and leader of the ever-modest Society for Truth and Justice. On Sunday Terry and his society responded to a large abortion rights demonstration in Washington - "a death-march", as he put it - by counter-demonstrating alongside. But that's by the by. What brings a smile to the face is the fact that Terry's 24-year-old adopted son has just come out.

As you might have gathered, Randall Terry hates poofs. So much so that he claims to be "in a state of shock" following on from his son's self-penned confession in this month's Out magazine. In the article, Jamiel Terry tells of the heartache of coming to terms with his homosexuality: the early doubt: "When I was 4 my favorite female was Miss Piggy. That alone was probably not much of a giveaway, but my soft voice and my mannerisms turned out to be signs that I was gay"; the painful fight against his true nature: "I was resigned to the fact that in order for me to avoid hell, I had to squelch these feelings... many nights I literally cried myself to sleep while begging God to take these feelings
from me"; the gay sex under his father's roof.

Terry Senior was quick to respond in an article in the Washington Times entitled Outing Out Magazine. "I love my son," he stated. "He sings like an angel and plays the piano. He's a great cook and a great debater. I've poured 16 years of my life into him." Which would be pure gold splashing out of Graham Norton's mouth. He then goes on to make a great deal out of the fact that Jamiel is his adopted son, the very idea of something so depraved springing from his own god-fearing loins clearly causing him some discomfort.

There then follows what amounts to a character assassination, beginning with a certain amount of disgust at being "sold out" by a family member, and ending with "he has a trail of wrecked friendships and family relationships because of deceit, money fraud and crossed boundaries". Plus, dont forget, he's gay. "He is no longer welcome in my home," says Randall Terry, "not because of his homosexuality, but because he could sell us out again." Ugh. The fact that this man had the audacity to claim to speak for God really does bugger belief.

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