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Hasta La Politica Baby: An American Writes

Robert Mackey

14 August 2003

"He's a fiscal conservative and social moderate"

- Rob Stutzman, Arnold Schwarzenegger's campaign spokesman.

( http://www.hangingday.co.uk/archives/000563.shtml )

This is exactly what the whole Schwarzenegger candidacy is about: getting Republicans elected who seem to be socially moderate, but in their fiscal conservatism make it completely impossible for the US government to have any money left to do anything at all about the social ills they claim to be upset about.

The fact that Karl Rove, the man who pulls Bush's strings, wants to clear the field of Republicans in California to give Arnold a free run (which explains why the conservative Republican car-alarm magnate who financed the massive effort to make the California recall election happen suddenly pulled out of the race the day after Arnold announced his candidacy) is hardly surprising, since it's part of a whole Dr. Evil style plot for world domination.

This is the very same strategy Rove used to win a Republican majority in Congress at the last election: insert candidates who are moderate on social issues into races that could never be won by the hard-right wing of the party - and then, with the majority in congress and Republican control of state governments, push through ridiculously pro-business, pro-wealthy fiscal policies
that empty the treasuries - and so make any state support for socially-progressive policies (like welfare or education or health care - or anything, save weapons production, that requires the government to spend money) impossible, since there is not a penny left to pay for anything like that.

This is currently the situation in New York city, where a left- leaning 'liberal' on social issues, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, dresses up in his pinstripe suit to explain to the public that while he would *really* like to have the money to educate children, help the homeless, provide affordable, quality public transportation etc. etc. 'we just can't afford it' - without mentioning that there'd be plenty of cash to go around if a little less were spent paying for the occupation of the Iraqi oil fields.

Evidence of Karl Rove's fingerprints on the effort to slot a fiscally conservative, socially centrist Republican into the most populous state in the US:

'Bush Guru Karl Rove Met With Schwarzenegger in April. Schwarzenegger visited the White House for a meeting with top Bush adviser Karl Rove on April 12th, 2003. Both Schwarzenegger and Rove claimed that politics was not discussed during the meeting...'

- Washington Post, 13th April 2003

"'That would be nice,' Mr. Rove said of the prospect of a Governor Schwarzenegger. 'That would be really nice. That would be really, really nice.'"

- New York Times, 15th April 2003

It's pretty much the same as the whole 'New Labour' bullshit - like when Blair promised during the first election that he'd keep the Conservative's spending for the first two years to reassure the business community - and then said well we can't fix the public services, there's no money...

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