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The TFT Guide to... ill-conceived advertising campaigns

21 November 2005

Bemused readers may have recently witnessed the Citroen C3 'Happy Days' adverts, featuring the Fonz and other characters from the sitcom. Not content with being unfunny and slightly unsettling, the strangest thing about the advert is the vexed question of who on earth it's aimed at. The legions of Happy Days fans out there? People who think that a grinning, egotistical, Brylcreemed simpleton is 'cool'? Martians? TFT wondered how an advert could be more ill-conceived...


1) New Citroen advert depicts Ralph Malph and Pottsie experimenting with homosexuality.

2) Cadburys opt for a more realistic image of their female consumer. Instead of a gazelle-like model reclining in a luxuriant bath, we see an obese Lisa Reilly lookalike sobbing as she sits by a phone that never rings, desperately trying to find a substitute for love and friendship in a two-pound bar of Fruit & Nut.

3) Ronseal attempts to appeal to the 'pink pound' by dropping its advert featuring a no-nonsense bloke saying 'It does exactly what it says on the tin' in favour of Julian Clary declaring 'I like to get my wood all brown and sticky!'

4) The questionable charm of the Vauxhall Zafira ads, in which eight-year old boys discuss cars as though they are middle-aged men, evaporates when one of them reveals he has terminal prostate cancer.

5) Pizza Hut foolishly responds to the question posed by its slogan 'Who's in the Hut?' with the answer 'Chav scum and townie morons'.

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