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WAWIBF... Johnny Logan

16 February 2007

Older, sadder readers may remember Johnny Logan winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980. Younger, sadder readers may remember him winning it in 1987. Well, now Logan is back with a starring role in a couple of McDonald's ads, simultaneously plugging some excrement in a bun and his own bland music. In the ads, a white-suited, rather angelic Johnny appears when something terrible has happened (a holiday is cancelled, a girl is dumped by text). He sings, he hands out fries and nuggets and beautiful young girls attach themselves to him like genital warts.

However, what upset Elizabeth Davidson, the Green Party's General Election candidate for Dublin South West, was something Logan said in an interview on Sunday - specifically, that a certain female journalist deserved 'a good kick up the gee'. 'Gee', apparently, means 'muff'. So there you have it. Misogyny.

By Wednesday when her press release demanding that McDonald's drop Logan was disseminated, Elizabeth Davidson had worked herself up into a proper lather. She described Logan's juxtaposition of the words 'kick' and 'gee' as a 'foul-mouthed, misogynistic tirade'. Which seems a little extreme. She also said: 'Johnny Logan's extraordinary violent and crude statement is inconsistent with McDonald's vision of itself as a family friendly organisation that supports charitable organisations.' Which seems a little short-sighted. She went on to quote figures - how many women suffer severe abuse, how many phone helplines and so on.

And we say to her: oh, shut up. If ever a woman needed a kick up the gee, it was Elizabeth Davidson. This really is the worst kind of self-serving faux outrage. Like Peter Tatchell losing his nut over the Barrymore Pie last week, this is just any excuse to push an agenda, to garner attention and in this particular case, to win an election. But, as with Tatchell, it backfires and Davidson has come out of it looking like a sanctimonious oaf. Logan meanwhile, gets more publicity for himself and for the disease-spreading muckamuck that is McDonald's food.

However, it is important to remember that although Elizabeth Davidson may be a rather pathetic figure attempting to climb to power on the shirttails of a trumped-up non-story, Johnny Logan is actually so very much worse. Take a look at his McDonald's tie-in Bebo profile.

'Hey,' says Johnny, 'if all else fails, there's always a McFlurry waiting to help you take your mind off things!'


No dignity, no standards, no sense of humour and frankly, no soul.

Someone should really castrate him.

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