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Recent Stories In War On Terror
Opportunity Knocks
March 19, 2004
Wringing the necks of wounded pheasants and responding to major international catastrophes: two things the Queen does really well. She attends to both duties with the same cool formality and tasteful brevity. Her statement following the Madrid bombings was dignified,...
Pick up the gun
February 13, 2004
The Israeli army have been out shooting children again. Well, why not? It's what they do best.
Never mind the quality, feel the fear
February 9, 2004
President Bush has set up an “Independent Commission” to examine “American intelligence capabilities, especially our intelligence about weapons of mass destruction.” The commission has already been accused of being biased in the government's favour by some Democrats. House Democrat leader,...
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...
February 8, 2004
President Bush is doing his best to dodge being questioned by the official September 11th commission (a.k.a. the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States). When asked, on NBC’s Meet The Press, whether he’d go before the panel,...
What the Butler won't see
February 6, 2004
Good old George W. Bush. This week America's 43rd President finally relented and decided that Tony Blair could hold an inquiry into the intelligence failures that lead to British troops invading Iraq after all. This new inquiry team is essentially...
Let's pick some nits
February 6, 2004
Lord Butler has only two possible verdicts on Blair: incompetent (as Blair himself claims), or deceitful.
Robin Butler and his Trusting Bunch
February 4, 2004
How competent is the committee looking into the Iraq intelligence? A quick look at their past work.
Warning: you are in "imminent" danger of being lied to
February 3, 2004
The latest howler to come out of Washington is White House Spokesman Scott McClellan's assertion that Bush and the boys never used the word "imminent" to describe the threat posed by Saddam Hussein: "I think some in the media have...
Listen to Jonathan Powell, not Daniel Pruce or Felicity Hatfield
February 2, 2004
If the intelligence guys routinely know that their day-to-day job is now making the case that the PM wants rather than reporting the facts as they see them, their entire function has moved from security to PR.
Lord Hutton: Fair And Balanced
January 30, 2004
The Hutton Inquiry had the potential to produce a fascinating analysis of modern British life - and now we'll never know what it would have said.
Dyke goes down
January 29, 2004
Let's recall why Dyke is without a job today. It's not because Andrew Gilligan lost the news. It's because Number 10 responds with terrifying fury to criticism.
I know what you're thinking
January 23, 2004
Do you worry about people? Worry that they might be thinking bad thoughts? That they don't like you? That they're not being entirely honest with you? The problem is that all this things are invisible, right? Wrong. Well, that is...
Sam Marson: nothing to declare
January 20, 2004
Poor Samantha Marson. All she wanted to do was nip back home from Florida for a new visa. One little quip about semtex later, and she’s inches from Camp Delta. Surely this will all be sorted out in court, and...
Soldiers dead. Hoon must resign.
January 20, 2004
The widow of a Welsh soldier has joined calls for Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, to resign. The London News Review says: Never again must a soldier be allowed to die in a war.
They're only journalists: they won't tell...
January 17, 2004
On Friday 2nd January, American soldiers arrested three Iraqi journalists who were covering the aftermath of a US helicopter crash for Reuters. The journalists were filming a checkpoint close to where the helicopter was shot down, near the town of...
The Unknown Soldier
January 12, 2004
Debate rages as to the identity of the soldier who posed with the newly-captured Saddam in the photo posted up on Military.com (a cheerful site, which sells Department of the Army acrylic throw rugs - a snip at $42.74 -...
Let the black market decide
January 10, 2004
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace has released its report on weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. And, guess what... it doesn't tell us anything we don't already know.
Share the moment
January 8, 2004
A photograph, apparently showing Saddam Hussein being dragged from his spider hole has appeared on the web. The picture, if it is genuine, raises a few interesting questions.
Come fly the friendly skies
January 4, 2004
Who'd be a transatlantic airline passenger over the festive season? With seven flights cancelled in 10 days due to unspecified 'terrorist threats', the answer, it seems, is The Terrorists.
In Godric we trust?
January 1, 2004
Just when we thought nothing could top Time Magazine's nomination of The American Soldier as Person Of The Year, The Prime Minister decides to add Godric Smith to the New Year's Honours list, just weeks before Lord Hutton is due to report.
Exiled to Acton
December 20, 2003
How did Afghanistan get in such a bloody mess? Rumour reached us of a high-ranking Afghan living in exile in Acton, West London. So we put Michael Wale on the no. 207 bus out of Shepherd’s Bush to find General Safi and ask him what went wrong.
What's next for Saddam?
December 20, 2003
Poor old Saddam. One minute you're commander in chief of the Axis of Evil, the next minute you're living in a hole with only a lump of Styrofoam for a friend. Still, at least he must know how Les Dennis feels.
David Blair: Pro or Patsy?
December 19, 2003
Sean Walsh remembers the school days of the journalist whose 'lucky' find threatened to destroy George Galloway.
Saddaminal Farm
December 18, 2003
When the Americans pulled the snake Saddam from his spider hole, little did they realise that they were capturing an entire menagerie...
Saddam to the slaughter
December 17, 2003
Everyone wants a piece of him. So why not let them?
Saddam Hussein: the big question...
December 16, 2003
What on earth was the billionaire former dictator of Iraq, and big cheese in the axis of evil, doing at the bottom of an eight-foot hole?
Ace in the hole
December 15, 2003
So, the hunt for Saddam Hussein is over and the big questions can finally begin to be answered. But first we need to answer a few little ones, writes Paul Carr
First thoughts on the "we got him" press conference
December 14, 2003
And the cry went up: "Shave him, shave him, shave him!"
Going Underground: the Search For Saddam TV movie
December 14, 2003
That entirely speculative cast list, in full.
We're only in it for the money
December 10, 2003
Paul Wolfowitz isn't making any friends with his latest 'Determination and Findings' on the rebuilding of Iraq. Except for all the friends he's making in the US construction industry...
Wrong Wrong Wrong
December 5, 2003
In a statement, the Pentagon sets out the official position on the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. The position is not a good one. Least of all for the prisoners.
Yellow Alert
December 5, 2003
In September America’s Showtime network – a cable channel owned by the same company that owns CBS News and MTV – celebrated the second anniversary of T.T.E.O.S.E. with a ‘docudrama’ called DC 9/11:Time of Crisis. But reality TV it wasn't.
"Today violence is the rhetoric of the period"
December 5, 2003
One of Bush's speechwriters asks whether we should think of him as our Abraham Lincoln.
Bog off, ape boy
November 21, 2003
The policeman who searched me when I went into this area wore tight rubber gloves and I found the whole procedure quite sexual. But I was probably just a bit overexcited by my impending act of international terrorism. Charlie Skelton spends an afternoon in Whitehall.
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
November 15, 2003
Due to the staggering failure of WMD inspections to support American military action, the CIA have decided to shift the goalposts.
War On Tigers: Update
November 14, 2003
Are you with us or against us?
Ladies And Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space
November 7, 2003
So, we’re not going to stop fighting until evil is defeated? Fine. Wake me up when it’s over, writes Charlie Skelton.
Who Knew? #15: The cakewalk would get stodgy
November 3, 2003
The US paid people to tell them nasty things Saddam had been doing. And, like Burke and Hare, once they got a taste for the money, the informants "got resourceful".
Two go mad in Kabul
November 3, 2003
My friend Sam made the point that if I was going to write a play slagging off the Western media for looking away from Afghanistan then I shouldn’t look away from Afghanistan myself. In fact, really, I should see it in the flesh. So two weeks later we were on the plane to Kabul, writes Henry Naylor.
Habeas who?
November 3, 2003
You know Mohamed Kamel Bellahouel? Actually, you probably don't, since every docket concerning his trial in the US has been kept from public view.
A guy named Satan
October 31, 2003
President Bush, the newly-crowned Islamophile of the year, has been quick to distance him from religiously charged remarks made by General Boykin - one of the Pentagon's most senior officers. And biggest nutjobs.
Homeland Watch #3
October 23, 2003
The Matrix system, which is being developed in Florida - that hotbed of democracy - "enables investigators to find patterns and links among people and events faster than ever before, combining police records with commercially available collections of personal information about most American adults."
Everything's Fine, Nothing To See, Move Along
October 10, 2003
President Bush is out and about, spreading sunshine in New Hampshire...
The War Against Liberalism
October 1, 2003
George W. Bush declared war on the “Bad Men.” but American foreign policy fails to consider the motives of those terrorists. It’s almost taboo to ask “why did 9/11 happen?”, writes Lembit Opik MP
Shuttle Immunity
October 1, 2003
Since last summer, American officials have been fanning out across the globe, attempting to ink bilateral immunity agreements with friendly governments in an effort to undermine the first attempt to create a system to enforce international war crimes law.
Shoe Bombers: How To Recognise Them
September 29, 2003
A handy cut-out-and-keep guide for regular air travellers and American Airlines staff.
Addicted to Hutton
September 19, 2003
In its guise as literature I've enjoyed the Hutton Inquiry much better than the last Will Self novel I read and I'm not sure I want it to stop, writes Robert Katz.
Never The Twain
September 3, 2003
Is there anyone out there currently *not* fighting a holy war? If so, could they stand up and wave their hands? We'd like to meet you.
WMD in the UK: a handy guide
August 30, 2003
There's all sorts of mass destruction capabilities, tucked away in this green and pleasant land.
ILTEOTS # 232: Katy Hanks as Lisa Simpson
August 29, 2003
Donald Rumsfeld gets given a vicious arse-licking from a nine-year old girl. Isn't that sort of thing meant to be illegal?
ILTEOTS #234: Kent Brockman vs John Scarlett
August 27, 2003
Tonight, on Eye on Springfield...
Andrew Mackinlay is a (war) hero
August 27, 2003
Much of yesterday's Hutton transcripts are a bit useless, unless you trust the testimony, under no oath, of John Scarlett, MI6's man-with-the-hat. He tells us that Campbell's input to the dossier was to "finalise the arrangements for the format, the...
Wissam al-Zahawie is the new Uri Geller
August 10, 2003
Someone ought to write a book called The Epistemology of Iraq or something about all the fascinating examples of evidence and knowledge that the invasion and the occupation have thrown up. Misrepresenting evidence, plagiarism, ambiguity, missing data, conflating issues... it's...
Homeland Watch #2
July 31, 2003
The defence of the Homeland isn’t just something carried out by Marines in shiny shades driving Humvees. It is becoming a part of everyday life…
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it thrice: What I tell you three times is true.
July 29, 2003
So, it's not about finding WMD. It's about finding SHMT. (Saddam Hussein al-Majd al-Tikriti to his friends).
"The family that kills together gets to burn together."
July 28, 2003
No one will mourn the passing of Uday and Qusay. Except perhaps their father - the devil.
We'll huff and we'll puff and we'll murder your 14-year-old son
July 24, 2003
Hurray! Uday and Qusay are dead! And two children also died in the attack! Success!
Tufty Justice
June 29, 2003
This week President George W. Bush approved the detention of Abdullah al Muhajir (aka Jose Padilla) on suspicion of possibly attempting to possibly procure radioactive material to be possibly used to build a possible 'dirty' nuclear bomb.
The Straight Story
June 27, 2003
The US military has admitted crossing into Syria last week and having a gun battle with Syrian soldiers. Well, sort of admitted it. This is how the original incident was reported in USA Today: 'It was unclear who fired first...
The TFT guide to... The Dodgy Dossier
June 27, 2003
The Government faces more yet criticism over the 'dodgy dossier'.
Here comes the Backscatter
June 27, 2003
Nothing whatsoever to do with anal sex, the Backscatter is in fact the future of airport security technology.
Hearts And Minds
May 16, 2003
What sort of responsibility does the Anglo-American coalition have towards the populace of Iraq? Having freed them from Sadaam, what then?
House Of Cards
April 28, 2003
Playing a crafty game: the Pentagon's pack of Iraqi playing cards.
Tony, Tony, Lama Sabachthani?
March 29, 2003
Does Tony Blair genuinely believe that driving the devil we know out of Iraq and killing thousands more Arabs in the process is really the best way to rid the world of terrorism? Or could it all be part of an elaborate psychological game? Paul Carr considers the evidence.
Leaflets: Not 100% effective againsts biological weapons
March 21, 2003
There's a wonderful 'man from the ministry' feel to the terror advice coming from the Home Office.
Just The Gist: War Special Edition
March 12, 2003
A war-themed Just The Gist
Back and To The Left
October 15, 2002
Adventures with the Beltway Sniper. By Charlie Skelton and Paul Carr in Washington D.C.
The Twin Towels
September 11, 2002
Before it happened, noone could have predicted that the bombing of the Twin Towers was going to happen. [Good stuff. Keep going. And don't forget the towels - Ed.]
Rudolph Giuliani: This is your career
February 6, 2002
Lest we forget.

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