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Jeffrey Murr: poor fella, he never knew what hit him

Poor old Jeffrey. He was only trying to do his bit to protect the master-race from being swamped by tainted bloodlines...

29 November 2003

Initiation ceremonies suck. Whether they are for some sad American High School Frat, the territorial army or the Bilderberg Group, their sole objective is to ascertain that the initiate has a vast enough lack of self-esteem that he or she (usually he) will tolerate physical and/or mental torture in order gain the acceptance, and logo-emblazoned paraphernalia, of a bunch of seemingly-powerful sadists.

Anyway, the Ku Klux Klan was formed in 1865, the same year as the Emancipation Proclamation was proclaimed, although it is said that the two events were not connected. At inception, the KKK was not a racially-prejudiced hate-fuelled lynch-mob, but rather a sort of kindly social club in Pulaski, Tennessee. A harmless fraternity for bored, bone-idle, wealthy ex-Confederates. However, within a couple of years, it had expanded dramatically and transformed itself into a racially-prejudiced hate-fuelled lynch-mob. A paranoid army, terrified that the newly-liberated black hordes were going to wreak bloody revenge on White America.

And so, realising what was afoot, the goodly men who’d set out for a bit of cliquey innocuous amusement, officially disbanded the KKK in March of 1869. Sadly, the new Klansmen were having far too good a time torturing and killing black people to heed the word of the Grand Wizard. So they continued torturing and killing. And they thrived.

Today it’s a little different. The blind eye or tacit encouragement given to the torturing and the killing has for the most part stopped, and America’s 200-plus separate Klan chapters tend nowadays to give their hate and fear a little spin. Why, some of them even prefer to call it love. Love of God’s Chosen White Race. Strange, stupid, redneck American sub-humans. This week, during an initiation ceremony, someone got shot in the head.

The initiation ceremony consisted of the initiate being blindfolded, stretched to his tiptoes by a noose round his neck and then fired with paintballs. As the paintballs rained down, Klansman Gregory Freeman fired a real gun into the sky, so as to further terrify the initiate. But, whether Freeman was aware of it or not, bullets come down, and one of these falling bullets found the head of fellow Klansman, Jeffrey Murr. The bullet entered Murr’s head just above his forehead and exited at the base of the skull. Fortunately it still managed to miss his brain
by a good three inches.

God Bless White America.

Klan Training:


More Washington County Chapter Antics:



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