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Tiger Round-Up

The latest Tiger news from around the world.

1 February 2004

Russian Crisis: The Amur tiger, named after the major river that runs through the region, is threatened with extinction, with only 450 remaining in the Vladivostok area. Amur tigers have been hard hit by deforestation in the taiga, their natural habitat, and by poachers, who can reportedly earn up to 20,000 dollars for a single hide, according to global environmental pressure group WWF.

Liberian Hope: An old man wearing a Tony the Tiger hat played a harmonica. A singer wiggled her hips and grabbed a dreadlocked rebel by the waist, staring into his eyes as she crooned. And a face-painted clown named Boutini had the rebels in stitches of laughter. In between gags, he drove home the official message. "War is over, time to demobilise," he told the hooting teenagers.

Indian Economy: "Some people say India is shining, it may be shining for you and me but it is not shining for all Indians," Chidambaram said speaking at a function here. The former Finance Minister criticised the economic situation saying "we are still a lumbering elephant whereas we should have been a pouncing tiger".

Welsh Calypso Funeral: Family, friends and fans of one of Cardiff's Tiger Bay's most famous characters gathered to say their final goodbyes to him on Friday. Famed for his songwriting and his inimitable musical Calypso style , Lord Melody - otherwise known as John Frederick - was known to many in the old Tiger Bay area, Cardiff's old docklands.

Malaysian Tiger Prawns: The proposed tiger prawn project in Bagan Datoh, located in south-west of Perak, will create about 4,000 new jobs, Felcra chairman Datuk Hamzah Zainuddin said today.

New Zealand Harness Racing: Art's Tiger, one of three winners last week, looks for his third win in a row in the $12,000 feature race on Saturday, Jan. 31 at Dover Downs.

Vietnam Recriminations: "I saw it with my own eyes," said Dennis Stout, a former Army journalist, 58, who was assigned to cover Tiger Force in July, 1967, for the military newspaper, The Screaming Eagle. "Iíll never forget what I saw. Iíve lived with this for a long time." He and Mr. Causey describe a platoon that was systematically targeting unarmed villagers in the Quang Ngai and Quang Nam provinces - some of the soldiers severing ears and scalps for souvenirs.

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